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Monday, 18 October 2010


I hadn't realized quite how much of a junkie I was until this moment. I checked for updates all weekend on the edge of my seat; Did he update yet? How about now? My heart soared and then just sunk upon seeing then reading this post. Plural more days without a TOP fix? I wasn't ready for involuntary detox!

I hope all is well with you and yours, Mike.

I am sure we all hope everything is ok. If not, we hope it gets better soon.

Nooooooo!!! It's not fair. I'm having my morning coffee and not having a new entry to read is like running out of cream and sugar.

I didn't know you were Directeur Generale these days. When were you demoted from Generalissimo?

It should be "Directeur général"

"When were you demoted from Generalissimo?"

I only use my "Generalissimo" title when I am wearing my sash, medals, and fancy hat.

Mike, a.k.a. "Il Duca del Blog"

I just KNEW that darkroom was going to cause problems!!

Good Luck,and God bless.

Thanks Mike - was wondering where you were! Take care.

To echo a couple of those comments, when the boss takes a break, you do realize how much you look forward to the new posts. Hope all is well!


Aha! A response from the TOP World HQ. [Sighs of relief.]

It's a funny thing, coming to expect these often fascinating discussions on and around photography. Many thanks "Il Duca del Blog" for getting the ball rolling.

Now off to capture some more images.

Hope all well Mike.

We have been spoilt by the good cheese, and have the right to sulk when it is taken away. I will face the wall and hold my breath until you are back on line.

Dear Mike;
Hope everything is fine with you and your family. Your Blog has become a very significant part of my life, all this from someone who I´ve never heard his voice or even had the pleasure to meet. This just goes to proves how expressive and eloquent your writing is and teeming with erudition. So when you suddenly go missing and take a well deserved break I damn well notice it!! So take care and hope to hear from you soon.

be back soon, all in one piece, Mike..please!

P.S. I thought "El Jefe" was a suitable title to go with

I miss Mike...

You forgot...El Presidente!!!

I once said that I turn my brain on in the morning with this blog, and a cup of coffee.

Guess what......

coffee alone just doesn't cut it.

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