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Sunday, 12 September 2010


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It's an illuminating article. And Mike, you've drawn-out the best quote from it with your macro-focusing editor's eye.

Also quoted this morning in the NY Times:

Intelligence has its limits while stupidity has none.

-the late Claude Chabrol, RIP

A good article, but too short -- I wanted more.

Two things:

The best art writers are journalists who take the art seriously, as opposed to art writers who take themselves seriously.

Davidson is extremely interesting in the way his total oeurve defines photography as an art of its own, not to be compared to painting or illustration or anything else -- it's the art of history, as he says, a lot of single, very specific moments in a certain time and place. In the far future, archaeologists will mine photographs like these, rather than the mounds we've left behind.

I was in a book store browsing today and opened a book and saw this quote.

When people are driving slower than you they are idiots. When people are driving faster than you they are maniacs. - George Carlin

From Elliot Erwitt, as stated in the Henri Cartier-Bresson documentary: "You really don't need to know much in order to be a photographer. What you need to do is simply look".

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