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Monday, 27 September 2010


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Here's another masterpiece from this site, thanks Jim :) It is always good to mention Kodachrome - and why is that? Because it was magic. Sorry, for you, who never tried it :) But there are good 'actions' out there for Photoshop for you / us. It is worth while!

What a thoughtful and insightful article. It's for contributions like this that I keep returning to TOP daily.


Thank you very much for your lovely writing and for the ideas and thoughts you share. Each time I have been in Maine over the years, I've been delighted to see you. Your publishing my brother and my work from McClellan Street in 1975 in 35MM Photography was an incredible boost to the beginning of our lives in photography.
I've always thought that photography is at its core about sharing, sharing a response with ourselves and others for now and for time, with regards to what we see, feel, perceive, and are aware of. In order to share as much as we can, we all need support in life-mentors, friends, and family. Sharing is also somehow tied into a notion we don't speak about much publicly which is love-and this can be true even when we share about things we don't like or that make us angry-because it comes from the heart.
I wanted to take the time here to thank you for your early support of our work--yours and the support of so many others has made such a difference to me.
I'm also proud to say that both my brother and I won a National Scholastic Photography prize in 1972.
Many thanks and hope our paths cross again soon. Peter

Great post full of little gems as usual on TOP. Talking about Kodachrome which are the best plugins for Kodachrome or is it better to play with curves to get the desired result?
I noticed on Ernst Haas´s website that the prints you could purchase are Dye Transfers, is this Ctein´s printing?

TOP is not a magazine, thankfully.
Rather it is a description of photography in a foreign country, foreign to me in all too many ways,. The United States.
All of the named individuals in Jim Hughe's wonderful essay were able to ply their trade, their way.

That of itself is wonderful. None of the names sadly are aligned with my own being.

But then we in Canada never really have tooted our horns; we let others do so and they can discover what they wish to preserve
in their own mind's eye.


Thank you for sharing your meaningful memories and perceptions.
I enjoyed your post.


Even for those of us who live in the United States, TOP is a description of photography in a foreign country... at least a metaphorical one. Most photography in the US is about gear, or the latest trendy photoshop actions, or the "Top 20 ways to improve your!!!"

The chance to hear artists talk about the ideas behind their work in person is sadly limited in most of the US, which is what makes TOP such an enjoyable site to frequent.

Dear Paul,

Nope, not me.

pax / Ctein

I can only echo the comments already presented. Your subject matter is very interesting and your writing is exquisite. Looking back through the lens of the present with much experience is really eye opening.


"Most photography in the US is about gear, or the latest trendy photoshop actions, or the "Top 20 ways to improve your!!!"

Ah yes, not just in the foreign country to the south.
Magazines are about profit, and sucking you; the reader; into their grasp.

T.O.P. Is not bent, which is why I support Mike's efforts frequently with a direct donation. Which reminds

Well this has been a bit of a let down! I was expecting a load of comments on Jim Hughes shining post, always interesting extras in the comments.... only 10! I suppose I´ve got used to Photokina and all the techies commenting!


Really enjoyed your post on Maine. I believe we met in Santa Fe several summers ago when I was teaching there. Last July was my second time at MMW and really loved the spirit of that place. You nailed it!

Sorry I missed you. Hopefully next summer!



Beautiful article, I really enjoyed it.

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