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Thursday, 09 September 2010


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Excellent translation, both the spirit & the humour of your post has not been lost at all. Kudos to the guy who did it.

And btw what a f***ing fantastic post was it, Mike!

(BTW I'm a Spanish living in Córdoba, in the south of Spain, near Seville).

I've done a quick scanning (I had already read the original and a great USA vs Russia basketball is on TV now) and it looks like a very good translation. A lot of work put in there. Not an automatic google translation.

And talking about translations and about Russia, I just remembered what the Russian poet Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko said about translations: "A translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful."

(of course I don't subscribe)

It's a nice translation -I remember enjoying the english version.

To make it even more Spanish you can use Jorge instead of George and Miguel instead of Mike ;-)

I would say it lost nothing in the translation.

I miss the last step:

After all these years, you discover toy photography and return to the iPhone ;). The D700 goes to the closet.

The translation is very good, even a tad literal in terms of style. It keeps the whole meaning and spirit of your text, and comes with a brief introduction where your post is described as "plentiful in truth and wisdom".

As far as my Spanish wife and I can see it seems to be faultless and commendable translation.

Nice translation. I had read the text hear but my English is not as good as I would like, so I have enjoyed the Spanish text in caborian

"Loco Gringo" is all I got out of it...

I realy enjoy the letter, i think that`s soo smart advice.

Very good translation. It maintains the spirit and mood of the original post, which by the way was great!

Very funny!
Although I must say I do not agree with the advice. However, mine must be a strange case, being perfectly happy with my 5-year-old Pentax istDs, and previously having had only a 4MP Olympus P&S!

The translation is very good, as is the spirit of your advice.
A lot of us have been through this too often.

didnt read the original, but I really laughed and enjoyed the spanish one! my gf has a canon but im lucky shes not that compulsive with purchases hehe. you are big :) maybe u should try as comedian. thx!

nice translation.... and a brilliant post, Mike... i´m still laughing !!!

Me he reido mucho, buenísimo.

Thanks for sharing your post and let them translate it.
A peruvian ;)

Brilliant post and very good translation!
just a brief comment to explain about "cultural translating"...

If you were a Spanish man living in Barcelona you would have said "Nivell 10" or "Jordi Bases" or "Media Market" instead of "B&H Photo"... and probably have translated George and Mike into Spanish. Many thanks, anyway!!

Translation looks good to me! I dont think u need to translate the "names", or shop names.
When i started reading it i knew where u were going hahha, is good and funny. About what advice i give to somefriend that ask me about, i make shure if they are really shure to go on DSLR, then i tell them to buy it on a second market, like now will be a 30D for 250 € and a old 24-85 USM for 150€. (400€);o) Good and light, after that they will decide what they will need/want in future if they need more!

I went from ixus 500, to 40D and a 24-85 from film eos from my dad. Now FF + 2 fix lenses hahha + some other lenses, that i still using, not in the closet... ok there is 1 i have to sell ;o) and my ixus is broken inside the closet! :oD


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