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Saturday, 11 September 2010


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It looks like you had a nice gallery tour evening, Mike. Fall tends to be "gallery walk" season here in Chicago, too, as well as many other cities. It's a good excuse to get up, get out, and see what the local art world is hawking today.

Thanks for the write up, Mike. I'll be looking into Shimon & Lindemann's work when I have a chance.

As for their photo by Art Elkon, pure American Gothic, if you ask me.

Wall-mount cases for displaying photography! Why didn't I ever think of that? I'd chop and change my pics every week.
I bet Pennzoni could make a version for 5x7s.

I like seeing the black tape "performance mark" on the floor, that DrewV is standing to so neatly. The photographers were not minded to conceal the mechanical (repeatable) circumstances of their series. Also makes me think of those head-steadying frames used by some early portraitists, over long exposures.

Mike I'm disappointed that you did not illustrate the article adequately, I mean really where is the picture of the two street signs Water Buffalo for us!

just saying

Ok now I'll go back and read your post, sure to enjoy it and maybe come back and have something to add later :)

Hi there!

"that actually get mailed out as postcards (although I'm not entirely clear to whom they're sent)."

This reminds me of a story I heard about Japanese photographer Araki.

Apparently, when he was still an unknown he would send out prints, totally unsolicited, to random addresses throughout Japan.

Mike, can we assume you'll be posing for Shimon & Lindemann?

What, and break their antique lens?



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