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Tuesday, 28 September 2010


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Now there is a guy who likes working on themes!

Imogen is awesome and (I think) highly under-rated.

Her portrait of Hanya Holm is one of my favorite pictures:

Cunningham lived to 93.

I once read an interview with her. She was asked how she was as productive in her eighties, as she was when younger; what was her secret.

She replied, "I chose my ancestors carefully."

For the article's photograph, she was wearing a Mao cap.

Smile, you're on Candid Camera!

That photo made me smile for, like, ten minutes straight.

Me, too.


When I saw the photo I first thought it was Ken Rockwell :-)

Cunningham was one of the all-time greats. Right in there with André Kertész, Paul Strand, Josef Koudelka. Maybe a few others were as good; none were better.

But who'd have guessed Imogen Cunningham was so tiny?


Lovely work. I think some of the 70s portrait things are a bit "of their time" but lovely just the same.

"But who'd have guessed Imogen Cunningham was so tiny?"

Pretty much anybody who's ever seen Judy Dater's famous picture of Imogen and Twinka....


(Warning, not school/workplace safe)


Jim Friedman´s series "Hypersalivation" is such an example of no excuses for not finding a photography theme round home!

I've got an Imogen Cunningham baseball trading card, signed by "Comrade Imogen."

I treasure it.

Closest I've ever come to giving a damn about baseball.

pax / Comrade Ctein

And what was Ms. Cunningham's batting average?

Mike, "Pleasures and terrors of kissing" is a knockout, isn't it? I remember these shots from the last time you showed us Jim's site. I particularly like number 7 (with the two dogs!), 8 (the half-hidden bespectacled women) and 9 (the hilarious poses which prompt the question: Who's daft, who's intelligent?).

Rod S.

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