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Sunday, 12 September 2010


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More people visit Paris each year than any other city in the world. It has long been celebrated for its beauty, culture, history and romance—and it has long been an inspiration to photographers.

The funny thing is that the Paris of wealth, high fashion, broad avenues and monumental architecture is of recent origin.

Oddly enough, it was born at the same time as photography, from 1848 until the Paris Commune was crushed in 1870.

The Paris before 1848 was the most radically left wing place the world has ever, or probably will ever seen. It was a city of narrow, winding streets, filth, teeming masses, and revolution.

Had photography been born only 100 years earlier we would have been able to see it.

Dumb question: is 12x16 in inches or centimeters?

Wondering when the next sale will be on? Have been swooning over the Man in the Bath tub in the Parisian series for a while now but the regular price is not in my single parent budget. Hopefully someday! Love that piece!

If I don't buy these I know I will live to regret the decision...

"Dumb question: is 12x16 in inches or centimeters?"

Good point. I will go make the change in the post.

It's ~12x16 inches, 40x30 cm.


"The prints are the standard European print size of 30 x 40 centimeters (~12x16 inches) (image area slightly smaller)."

Mike, what is "slightly smaller"? Can you give more specific dimensions? Thanks for the interesting print offer.

Those are truly beautiful photographs and I can only imagine how stunning those prints will look. Regrettably as I'm only a poor, poor student (well not really but while money might not be tight it's surely not "loose" either) I won't be able to buy those. However I'll be sure to put the on my list for when I'm rich (or possibly approaching moderate well-to-do-ness....)

But no need to feel sorry on my account because I'll be going to the magical city its self this autumn so I'll be able to take some snaps my self!

I like the second photo.

The high contrast black and white gives it a looked of historical continuity with the distant past.

I've have a hard time imaging an American city like San Francisco benefiting from a similar treatment.

In the top right hand corner you can see the modern Paris of skyscrapers.

"'The prints are the standard European print size of 30 x 40 centimeters (~12x16 inches) (image area slightly smaller).' Mike, what is 'slightly smaller'? Can you give more specific dimensions?"

I can't, because the prints haven't been made yet. They'll be made to fulfill the orders we collect this week.


Peter tells me the image size will be ~24x36 centimeters.


I love the third print especially. So reminiscent of my experience of the Parisian pub. I'm thinking, thinking, thinking... Can I afford it?

"thinking, thinking, thinking... Can I afford it?"

Well, if you're asking me, I'd have to say...OF COURSE YOU CAN! :-D (<--SEG)


My check will be in the mail first thing in the morning. I cant wait. Im very excited about this one. My thanks to Peter, Voja and Mike for offering such remarkable prints at a great price.

I love the second print.

The third print is gorgeous in many ways, but I find myself uncomfortable with what feels to me like a violation of privacy (I make no accusation or objection against Peter Turnley; this is entirely about my own comfort zone).

Checking for stray hundred dollar bills under the waterbed mattress....

Can you let us know how the prints will be shipped and what it will cost to different countries? I live in New Zealand so would be grateful for a price to here. Cheers

The shipping price to NZ is US$40, and that can be cut in half if you pay by check.

The international prints go via Postal International Priority Mail and are packed flat in boxes.


Can't get the price anywhere!
Please advise.

I'm not remotely in a position to participate (between student loans, upcoming gear purchases, and a 3-volume Bruce Davidson set I've been trying to afford since I first heard of it), but this is one Hell of an offer and I regret my own poverty!

What beautiful prints! Kudos to Mike and Peter for bringing the Voja Mitrovic story forward along with the project.

For any photographer, having master prints to look at in one’s collection always re-calibrates the eye toward the better--well worth the effort to get one of these prints.


Slightly off topic: I found street shooting in Paris stressful and intimidating. I have never gotten yelled at this much any place else. Maybe too many Peter Turnley or HCB wanna-bes walking around. The last picture in this series led to my iPhone being robbed. http://friedolin.smugmug.com/Travel/Paris-Selection/12302747_SHNiz#878043987_AXoyN

David - "violation of privacy"? It doesn't look like a private moment to me!

As the prints are being made in Paris, will they be shipped directly from France to the buyer? I ask this as it would mean that us Europeans would not have to pay Tax and Duty on them. In the UK these charges would add around US$100 to the cost of buying one of Peter's beautiful photographs.


For us in the EU, can the prints be mailed from Paris? This will save hassles and costs of customs/VAT etc, and the miles the prints have to travel. Thanks.

Unfortunately I don't yet own a copy of the Parisians .. just wondering .. which print appears in the book.




Kissing in public means you have given up your right to privacy ,now if the photographer was peeking through your window that would be another story. I think we are being conditioned now to be neurotic about these kinds of things.


You've got a sharp eye. The picture we're selling is the one that appears in the book.


Mike- when you say 'check' do you mean a bank cheque in US dollars or a personal check? (And I bet you have no idea as to how difficult it was for me not to spell it 'cheque' :) )

Further to Simon's question, I'm assuming delivery to Australia will be approximately the same? Please let me know.

Now all I need to do is convince myself that I can wait a little longer for my D700...

Personal cheques (have it your way!) would have to be drawn on a U.S. bank. However, foreign (sorry--always disliked that word) nationals can send M.O.s or bank cheques as long as they're denominated in US $.


I've put in my order for the second print of Paris from the Rive Droite. After much deliberation on how I'll explain this to my wife...

I think it goes like this: We have a blank wall I can put it up on where I can look at it every day to remind me of the story of two men who came to Paris, rebuilt their lives, and did amazing things between them.

Having their work represented as something real and visible, and knowing their hands created it I think is a really powerful thing. I'll be reminded of that story and be inspired by it every time I look at it.

I can't wait to see this print!


p.s. And besides, it's about a euro a day for one year. That's half a coffee a day. I'll get over it...

This is such a wonderful offer, I never dreamed I'd be able to purchase work from a great photographer and printer. But which one do I choose?

'Heels' was probably the first photo I'd seen of Peter's. As a matter of fact, on my first solo trip to Paris in 1995 I actually attempted to take a similar photo when the vaults of my subconscious zone were stirred into action while following a beautiful woman up the Metro stairs - I took a hip shot if I recall, totally aware of the influence of Peter's image.

But the River Seine scene has really grown on me the last couple of days, it's such a luscious image, great evening side lighting, the compression of the bridges - I admit when I first saw it in the Parisians book I liked it but it reminded me of Willy Ronis' 'Bastille Lovers' and I had a 'I could have taken that photo' feeling. But, it's really grown on me. This is really a difficult choice, I really shouldn't buy two of them at this time ;)

Thank-you Mike, Peter and Voja for this great opportunity!

How does one decide????

Nice collection! :) Thank you...

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