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Tuesday, 28 September 2010


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If the Canon 24-105 f/4 is your prized lens, then God help you. I've never been more regularly unimpressed than with that lens. I'll take my handful of primes any day.

Also, my hands shake so bad even without my caffeine megadose that IS or not, there are going to be some photos that are just not useable. Oh well.

A pre-asphical 50mm summilux would make an excellent espresso cup for those of us that like the diminutive but robust drinks and glass! I'm just sayin....

"Second, somewhere a drunk guy will pour hot coffee all over his prized thousand-dollar lens. You know it's going to happen."

Is that better or worse than the day some harried pro arrives at a shoot with only a pair of f/4 coffee mugs in his bag?

After a couple of drinks I had a couple of lenses roll out of my bag and down the bus on my way home. I think it was my 50 & 85mm. They kinda resembled grenades as they rolled away from me. I'll never forget the look on my girl's face.... "I married this guy?"

The big, heavy lenses that are designed for full-frame dslrs, especially zooms, are the worst offenders. However, if they could be made smaller and still do the job, wouldn't the lens makers make them smaller? And if the lens makers develop technology to make them smaller, wouldn't that new technology cost a lot more money? Just stating the obvious, lest some of us forget...

Meanwhile, there are many light, compact and high quality zooms available for APS-C dslrs. Curmudgeonly photographers should be shooting APS-C...lol!!

Maybe what thoroughly caffeinated photographers need isn't a coffee cup that resembles a stabilized lens, but rather a stabilized coffee cup that resembles a lens...

Here's a suggestion for the some entrepreneur -- a cup warmer that looks like an EOS 1D Mark IV or D3x.

"Didn't Shakespeare say something about a fool and his money"

Pal, it can't be worse than shooting your own wedding, which is what I did.

Who was it that said "A man who represents himself in court has an idiot for a client"?.

It would be good if these had anti-shake technology so I could get back to my office from the coffee machine without that embarrassing trail of coffee stains on the carpet.

I'll just affirm my position on the espresso cup (lens?) bandwagon as well as mix up my metaphors. The only coffee I really like is espresso, thick and strong. The lenses I like best are also small, so that's a match made in heaven. Were I one to buy stuff like this...

I wonder if Winogrand just pushed his film an additional stop for every coffee cup he had?

Friends don't let friends buy other than Nikon.

... even a Nikon Coffee Mug is better than a Canon one and that is something we all know as photographer! It is zoomable, unlike the Canon one.

Got mine, http://lightdescription.blogspot.com/2010/05/coffee.html, and even use it to drink coffee!

Someone needs to introduce tiny little demitasse cup versions of the Pentax primes. The DA 35 macro would be about right.

Try here.


Also have lots of other cool stuff like a command dial decal for your mac book!


I want a scone decorated to look like my Panasonic 20mm 1.7...

They are really tippy because they stand on their tiny rear cap but very real looking, I keep trying to twist the zoom ring.

Give your camera bag the pro look, by filling it with these mock looking pro lenses. Also much lighter to carry lots of non lenses around.

Yeah... but how's the build quality?

Actually, I've drank vodka from the Helios 44M-4 lens - just tighten the rings so it doesn't leak and pour your favorite beverage on the front element. It doesn't even need a rear cap to stand firmly!

A Frenchman who doesn't drink coffee? NON! Heh.

Where did you read that HCB avoided caffeine? I can't help but wonder if that factoid is a false corollary, as a lot of people avoid caffeinated beverages as it begins to get dark, not so they can hand-hold a Leica at 1/15sec, but because they'd like to go to sleep at a decent hour. The steadiness story seems like it could be a bit of back-formation, possibly on HCB's part.

Because let's face it, it makes a way better story as to why you declined an offer of coffee than saying, "It keeps me up at night."

Incidentally, just by happenstance, I've owned my coffee mug since I was 11 years old. I bought it on a trip to a Shaker Village in Ohio (I think--maybe Kentucky) with my aunt and cousins. I didn't start drinking coffee till I was 16, and it was a few more years before I retrieved this mug from my parents' house, but I've used it ever since, every day. People seem to like to give me mugs because they know I like coffee, but a mug is one thing I really don't need.


A tongue in cheek review of the 70-200 mug on The Digital Picture.


These pictures and Mike's punch line "And you know Nikon has to do everything Canon does"
make me roll on the floor.

We know the lens is lead free (for our health) but is the cup BPA free too (:-))

Yeah, I think I'll hold out for the Leica demitasse. It'll be $1400, but it'll have that red sticker.

Chris, the cup is stainless-steel lined :-) . At least, my Nikon version is; I'm not really clear if these are from one actual manufacturing source or many. I certainly see many places selling them.

Does anybody know if these are licensed designs? Mine came in a properly-colored box with the Nikon logo on the outside of that, too. I guess they must be; it's such a basic appropriation of "trade dress" that a court would presumably assign all their worldly goods to Canon and Nikon otherwise.

Wow am I worn out, I had to read David Dyer Bennets featured comment to get the gist of this!

That's an al-Haytham formula isn't it? Those haven't been very popular for about a thousand , maybe 800 years nice to a current product built around that.

On the plus side it has about as big an aperture as you can fit in a barrel that size, and they have really cut down on the number of air to glass surfaces, which no one really pays much attention to now that lens coatings have gotten so good. On the other hand, the coatings are " as good as they need to be " but not a bit better. I see that the outer construction is all plastic , but inside it's all metal albeit unpainted and reflection prone. Very much looks built to a price. The waterproofness reminds me of what my camera repairman used to say about Leicas. "If they were waterproof , how would the water ever get out?"

"Second, somewhere a drunk guy will pour hot coffee all over his prized thousand-dollar lens. You know it's going to happen."

I never drink coffee when I'm drunk. That's so counter-productive.

I noticed a local retailer is offering these Canon Cups for $30.00 (+ tax) - a $33.90 freakin' Coffee Cup! So, I just assumed Leica was making them for Canon.

"First, I don't think lenses should be as big as coffee mugs. I know, I am a curmudgeon, tiresome, broken record, etc."

Yah Mike...enough already...some folks like big lenses.



Cheers! Jay

What about an EOS shaped insulated box for your bacon sandwich?

The EOS-1D Mark IV is 186 mm or 6.2' square and is just the right hamera for this job.
Not saying it would be expensive, but you will need a lot of bread.
It was developed due to feedback from professional photographers.
It would be a bacon array sensor, but how many megapigsels?
I don't know, but it would feature crispy resolution.
Something like this could hog the market.
In the interests of health, RAW would not be an option.
The noise reduction wouldn't have much grunt.
I'm partial to bacon sandwiches, and I think you'd have Gloucester Old Spot metering.
Dual porkcessors would process the image in squeal time.
It would have fast rind on.
Oh, I'm getting boared by this...

"Yah Mike...enough already...some folks like big lenses."

Yeah, Jay, but...


...What a lens is supposed to look like. ;-)


I switched to a Zuiko 35/2.8 from a 2.0 just becuase the latter was (IMO) too big. Go figure. (If you don't know what I'mtalking about, look around the web to see dimensions of the 35mm Zuiko lenses, the 2.0 is quite a bit smaller than my Nikon 50mm autofocus, the 2.8 is just a bit bigger than the Nikon's rear cap)

Hey Mike, I've been reading about using coffee as a toner for fine art mono prints, but this is going WAY too far!!

yeah, I swore I would never buy the Nikkor 24-70/2.8 (too big, too expensive) But I just ordered the mug! Thanks :)

I bought the Nikon version from 100milligrams.com. Looks great but I'm disappointed with it's performance as a coffee cup. The interior may be steel but I don't think it's stainless. It tastes like steel. I may end up using it as a pencil cup on my desk.

He Who Must No Longer Be Named also didn't have film that looked great at ASA 3200.

I troll these blogs to find the best lenses to steal. I have to speak out against these mugs. These decoys are only good for one thing -- to catch the tears of the surprised and weeping thief, whose hard work and planning are wasted


Hey, I did the opposite and accidentally mounted the coffee cup onto my 5D2. Funny thing is, the photos were better!

Two days after this post I went to my favorite cafe and was presented with one of these "lens cups" - the 24-105 version. They didn't even know it was my birthday . . .

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