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Sunday, 19 September 2010


Wow! That just looks absolutely beautiful. I love the hybrid viewfinder idea - why has nobody else thought of that?
What I really love is the idea that it has Proper Controls - none of that pressing buttons and turning a thumbwheel until the right value comes up on the screen, just a proper aperture ring and shutter speed knob.

I hope it's priced at an affordable level. I want one!

Oh, and this comes EXACTLY two months after Fuji announce the F300EXR with hybrid autofocus (contrast AND slr-style phase detect), and yet this new camera apparrently only has contrast detect??? Hmmm...

I know I've posted already.... but this is really the best piece of news regarding new gear since 09/09/09, when the M9 was released. The M9 was however so stratospherically priced that it has played no part in my photographic life so far.

When I first saw the news of the camera on Dpreview, the first words that leapt out at me were "Large sensor compact", followed by the gratuitous picture of the viewfinder on the camera itself. I'll be happy even if it simply has a plain window finder.

A DMD at last, if it's performance lives up to the hype....

Now all we want is an 'M' mount version and we're nearly there!!!...WHY is this so difficult?......gettting back to digital versions of 'real' cameras feels like crawling on your hands and knees over sharp stones.......

A dream come true! I even have pencil sketches of a camera exactly like this! Thank you Fujifilm!

Just wondering if there is some sort of focus confirmation, but with that hybrid VF I guess there should.

One point, that probably nobody but me thought of: is that hole in shutter release is the normal thread for normal cable release??

This is the first time (since I own my current camera) I see something that makes me think: "...ummmm and what would happen if....?" Very interesting... let's see how much they ask for it :-P

Why is the aperture ring backward, with F2 over to the far right? It is the reverse of every camera I have worked with.

This camera makes me pant and drool almost as much as my GF ... I do hope it's the first of many.


Everyone has been screaming for a built-in OVF in this ilk of camera, and Fuji listened and even took it one step further.

Not a deal breaker, if the camera lives up to its promise, but an effective 40mm f2 lens would have been my preference.

Let me echo the sentiment here, and every other serious photography board I´ve read. I want one.

Ok, I'm obviously the odd man out, given the love this camera is attracting I'm not sure how direct I should be but here goes.....

As an NEX convert I dont understand the X100 and think its lacking some key features essential in a modern camera. Ok, here are my issues:

1. Fixed 35mm (eq FOV) lens. I dont get that. I just shot an airshow on the weekend and some aircraft are 1 meter behind a rope, others 10 meters back so 'zooming with your feet' isnt an option. Its the same on a street, on two many occasions doing the 'one prime' exercises I've been caught where the shot I want requires me to stand in the middle of traffic, lean way out over bridges etc. Just let me change the bloody lens please, get the shot and not frighten my wife and kids.

2. Fixed, low res rear screen. The pivoting screen on the NEX has changed everything for me and I will never take photos the same way again. Looking at my photo's now I have so many new points of view that world is a different place. I find going back to the A700 a real wrench (obviously that form still rules for long tele work, sports, airshows, BIFs etc). I'd feel like I'd had part of my vision lost if I had to go back to a simple eye level finder again in my wide/street shooter.

Dont get me wrong, I love the controls and layout and the look etc etc but really those are just nice to have's. After all, people seem to get by using film still, so clearly shutting a camera down and partially disassembling it every 24 frames and waiting 4 days for the preview to come up isnt a massive problem - so pressing the odd button is hardly a creative issue.


A fixed lens and fixed rear screen is far too creatively limiting and while I might love the feeling of the shots I get I simply wont get shots I should. And for me sacrificing photographic usefulness for mere design is unforgiveable.

Curiously, while the marketing for this camera stresses that its designed for photographers I dont think thats right. After all a photographer is a person who takes photos, so a camera that limits the photos you can take isnt for photographers.

Instead, I think its designed for a very specific set of photographers. The X100 is for nostalgics, people that want to recapture some romantic past and that (like Leica users) will actually cherish its flaws as a kind of hairshirted puritanicalism. It will be a huge hit with people that stress about whether they are 'real' photographers.

(all that said it will probably sell in droves, because from an aesthetic POV its a beautiful bit of kit - just not very useful)

From the brochure: ‘Using all-glass elements with extremely low aberration, the reverse Galileian optical viewfinder with a 0.5x magnification…’


For me it all comes down to the shutter lag. If it's as bad as the sigma then forget it. If it's instantaneous then I'm definitely having one of these!

a camera that looks like a camera

David Mayer - the Canon G-x series (at least the last few) have a dedicated ISO dial. And yeah, it is super-groovy useful.

- I have owned a couple of reasonably high-end Fuji cameras (E900 and S9500), and despite their limitations, they were among the top of their class in enough areas to make it worth the pain of working with Fuji's weird RAW format. Fuji are a strange little company, who go where they want to go and damn the torpedoes... this one might rock.

Yes, it would be nice if it had a bayonet lens mount. It would also be nice if Nikon D700s were $1499.98 minus rebate, but life isn't fair and t'aint so. Regardless, those who can, BUY ONE OF THESE, and send a message to the camera makers that we as a group are really really ready for serious tools. This one WON'T be perfect, that's a given. But even Leica made a few turkeys. If enough people buy this thing, maybe we'll get our bayonet mount and all the rest of what we want in the 2nd version. Think about it, huh. Who needs an M9? ;)

Mike, Fuji should give you one of these with your name on it. Clearly they have heard the voice in the wilderness.

Scrummy...I just wish you could see ISO manually along with aperture and shutter speed. Change the exposure compensation dial into an ISO dial and this would be the perfect pocket camera. We can at least hope that the rear wheel will default to ISO when in shooting mode.

Bravo Fuji, now we await something interesting from Cankon in this market - I was thinking this was an EVIL camera but it is neither EV nor IL - OVFL does not quite work. Perhaps FLOVE - Fuji Love or Fixed lens optical viewfinder (or) electronic - NA!

Greetings from Addis

If this camera is everything the descriptions and photos make it out to be, I'm pretty sold on one. This is pretty much the perfect walk around camera the other mirrror-less cameras were not. I don't mind the set 35mm lens at all, assuming it as a great lens!
Funny you included a photo the Olympus 35SP, as that is the film rangefinder I just have not been able to let go of, and wished there was a digital equivalent to!

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it, and pay for it as you bank account screams for mercy...

To be serious, I suspect it will be about 400 pounds or dollars, at least for the first eight or ten months.

Looks good to me, though would look even better with depth of field and distance markings.

That's two cameras with optical viewfinders in a few days. Is this a sign of things to come? We can but hope.

Mike Jones: If only they'd make a film version!

The styling on this totally reminds me of my (now-sold-on) Ricoh 500G with 40mm f/1.7 lens, crossed with the Olympus Trip 35mm - I see Mike's made a similar comparison too.

The MTF graphs on dpreview make me suspect it's going to be a sweet little lens.

So I'm not the only one to worry about 0.5x and 90% coverage. Even so, it's got to be the Canon G9-killer for those of us that occasionally like the feel of a compact in hand.

when I saw this I just new there'd be loads of people swooning.

Curiuously they are swooning because of how it looks. Until we know the price and more importantly how well it takes pictures .....

a year a go I'd have been very very interested. now? not so much so. the image quality will have to be out of this world for me to ditch the GF1 with 20f1.7 and 45f2.8

got to give Fuji a lot of credit though. if they get the image quality and price right.....

Please get a tester camera ASAP and explain its crippling weaknesses that are not apparent in the pics. I do not want to have to explain this to my wife.

Hope it has the picture styles called Portra NC 160, Provia 400X, Velvia 50, couple of Deltas and, of course, Kodachrome.

Wow, did I really miss Tri-X?

I will be very surprised if this camera is much less than $1000.

I will also be very surprised if Fuji sells a ton of these. Konica never sold a ton of Hexars. There just are not that many people who want a fixed lens viewfinder camera, no matter how nice.

Of course, since I'm one of them if I can get one of these then I'm happy. The ultimate tease would be releasing this thing only in Japan.

This rings a bell!
"Step 1 to greater photo enjoyment:master fixed focal length."
Reading the pdf catalogue there seems to be a TOP fan in all this new concept.

Well done Fuji - out onto a very popular limb. I hope they can bring it to market successfully.

If Fuji can make the camera deliver the right IQ and the price less than £1200, this thing is going to be eating into most of Leica's X1 sales. IMO it looks more like a classic Leica than the X1 does.

The O/EVF looks fun, and is surely more complicated than putting an M-mount onto the front. Something to look forward to in the next version?

Want...really, want!

Price? Well, I can always wait until its replacement is announced and the price drops like a rock--like I did with the E-P1 and G1.

Oh, yeah: I really want this!

The camera seems gorgeous in looks and ergonomics, but how much more than that can it be today, really? Besides, it does not appear to have anything that Canikon, Sony and anybody else could not readily imitate or outdo if this proves a seller...

Please please please let this not be a joke. Please. Please. Please.

Kudos Fujifilm - the "Development announcement" and the technical data look great!
Hopefully the retrodesign does not promise things which are not delivered by the real camera, ie the selftimer-switch is a "Viewfinder switch lever".
And one can really screw in a soft release!
Please tidy up the rear of the camera and make a f1.7!

Dare I hope? Leaf shutter?

I was on the bubble about buying an X1 for a travel camera. Fuji has burst the bubble.

"Why is the aperture ring backward, with F2 over to the far right? It is the reverse of every camera I have worked with."

There's no standard and no reason for calling this "backward." Nikon and Pentax film SLR lenses both have the largest apertures at the right. And so does the Canonet, for that matter.


@Nick: Fuji is at least very aware of the speed issue, and even designed the lens so as to start up faster. I'm sure they'll do what they can to make it responsive, though AF will be a challenge for them, especially with that aperture.

@Gary S.: Wow, you're really negative today. Here, have a cookie before you predict that the lens will be cracked from the factory.

@David: There are two more control wheels. It's possible you can assign ISO control to one of them.

This appears to be what Leica should have made, except for one-half to one-third the price of what Leica would have taken for it. I almost pity them...

"Why is the aperture ring backward, with F2 over to the far right? It is the reverse of every camera I have worked with."

It isn't standardized, and there's no reason to call this "backward." Nikon and Pentax film SLR lenses both have the largest aperture on the right, among others. For that matter, so does the Canonet.


Looks like a beautiful camera, but without interchangeable lenses or at least a modest zoom, I'll pass and wait for version 2.

With the current rumored price of $1400-$1700, it'll need to be a really great camera to sell well. At $1000 or less, I'd bet they have a hard time keeping them on the shelves.

'Somehow, I doubt it will be the perfect camera. First, the production camera won't be nearly as cool looking, and some lame excuses will be made by Fuji so that we'll lose the aperture dial and speed dial. The viewfinder will be deplorable (like a disposable),shutter lag will be greater than 500 ms, focus slow and unreliable, battery life about 70 shots, and the dials will be too loose.
Of course, we can always hope'

Gary S.

There could be no such thing as the perfect camera, and who'd want one anyway? Nothing to moan about, nothing to aspire to, AND we'd have to drop all the excuses about poor tools and actually go outside to take photographs instead of ruining our eyesight and posture in front of the magic screen. Sounds perfectly nightmarish.

This looks like a dream camera for me. Yea manual controls! Yea fixed prime! Yea optical viewfinder! Double yea Neutral Density filters!

A few questions I have:
If peak sharpness is near F/4, I hope it doesn't fall off too fast. I like to shoot hyperfocal on the street, and f/4 hyperfocal distance is something like 21ft/6-7m for an APS-C 23mm (I may be calculating wrong).

It's a shame that you couldn't use the EVF/OVF hybrid to implement some sort of "virtual rangefinder" by projecting a small image of the view through the lens onto the OVF visual field.

Presumably the camera uses an Anti-Aliasing filter. Hopefully not to strong of one.

Hopefully Fuji was able to apply some of its high ISO tricks from the compact line. Probably not though. My wife's F31 is still a classic.

Obviously startup, shutter lag, autofocus speed, battery consumption are all possible issues.

I have a design in my notebook for my dream camera, and Fuji has just announced it, including the hybrid Optical/Electrical viewfinder, I knew that was possible. I'm saving up already, can't wait.

If Fuji can deliver this, and in 2011, and I can sell enough older gear to buy one, I'm buying one.

I like my E-P1, don't get me wrong. But this seems to answer almost all of my "I really like the E-P1, but it would be better if it had ..." bullet points.

@ Andrew: "I was thinking this was an EVIL camera but it is neither EV nor IL - OVFL does not quite work. Perhaps FLOVE - Fuji Love or Fixed lens optical viewfinder (or) electronic - NA!"

Just reverse EVIL and add an O for optical. You get OLIVE.

Judging by everyone else's guess, I was hopelessly optomistic about the price in my previous post. But we shall see.


Grumpy old me would like to see a manual winder on this sucker to conserve battery power, but i will buy it asis. GB.

This does sound very cool to me. I still want to see what the manual focus capabilities of this camera are. Is MF available? If so, what sort of focus aid is there? Center zoom on the electronic VF maybe? My interest decreases a lot if MF is clunky or guess-the-distance.

One advantage of a fixed lens vs. interchangable -- dust on the sensor. Keeps the cost lower too.

I hope they plan on building them by the ton for initial release!

I don't see anti-shake? From the DMD spec: "Special features Just two: Anti-Shake (which rocks—er, which doesn’t rock, but which works) and an LCD screen that flips up 90 degrees so it can be used as a waist-level finder. I like that. Increases stealth. Okay, the second of these two features isn’t necessary. But the first absolutely is."

It's a wide lens, and perhaps it's fast enough, and high ISO is far more usable than it was five years ago, so perhaps this has changed?

I hope the powers that be at Fuji's corporate offices are tuned in to the wild response this is generating all over the WWW. As I type this there are already 148 replys showing here and I would expect that to go much higher, past 300 would not suprise me at all. The point? Fuji! you can make a boat load of money if you can keep up with demand. I think nothing drives consumers away faster than chronically 'out of stock' notices for high demand items. The price? Way way beyond a justifiable expense for this almost retiree but I understand a company must recoupe developement and fabrication money before considering ramping up production to lower unit cost.

Scratch that Maltese Falcon - there's a new object of desire in town.

Mike said "Fuji is calling for release in "early 2011." Total coincidence: my birthday is in late February. Might be looking to buy myself a birthday present. I'm just sayin'."

Mike, this is your problem. Your dreams are too small !


Another winning entry into the Back to the Future camera design parade. Like others, I'm eager to give it a go, particularly after having recently re-habbed a Canonet G-III this summer.

I've become fond of the simplicity of this style of camera and I suspect others will, too. Plus, I hope it puts a boot in the butt of that dreadfully-overpriced-but-underperforming Leica X1.

Is that a thread on the shutter release for a cable release?

Interesting camera.

One small quibble with your post. You wrote of Fuji that

"...its view camera lenses were highly thought of and sought after for years."

This should have been "...its view camera lenses *are* highly thought of and have been sought after for years." Fuji still manufactures view camera lenses and they're available brand new in the US through direct-importing dealers.

I don't get it. There is enthusiasm because it looks like a Leica? Well except for that top plate that looks like pressed metal instead of the alloy casting it is claimed to be. It is nearly as big as the M9. Just a silly half inch narrower. It dwarfs the X-1 and any of the m4/3 cameras, as well as the featured Olympus 35SP which is,by the way, a full frame camera. It has a fixed lens that throws away the size advantage of a collapsible lens. It lacks a built in flash. It lacks image stabilization. There has been no testing of the claims of speed and high quality. And no price. This is a medium sized camera. You will have to carry it on a strap around your neck just like a D3100 or any small DSLR. The DSLR will function without much weight disadvantage and LOTS more versatility and a viewfinder that is just as newsy.

And all of its pixels are devoted to just black and white, right? Like the old Kodak DCS 760m.

I'll take one with a 24mm lens, please.

I don’t think this camera can be truly compared to the Sigma DP1/2 or Olympus E-P1/2. Ergonomically, the Fuji X100 is a completely different beast. Judging from the presence of the dedicated shutter speed and exposure compensation dials, it is a camera built for speed. The real question is “Will function follow form?” We can’t be sure, as demonstrated by the Leica X1’s subpar responsiveness.

If the X100 possesses good image quality and fast responsiveness, then the camera will be a resounding success. If it doesn’t, well, at least we can be happy that there’s at least one camera maker who is attempting to fill this market niche, and will hopefully make the other manufacturers aware of what dedicated photographers want. In other words, the X100 might be a home run. But even if it falls short, it will still be a single or a double. It’s very unlikely that it will be a strikeout.


I was thinking the same thing, inre manual winders. It could be a windup charger like the one for the OLPC, but only good for a couple of joules. That way it could be small enough to replace the battery. Just hit the lever every couple of shots and you're golden.

Somehow I don't see even the most retro-grouchy of photographers going for it, except only a few of the most demented.

"I'm not sure what the need for separate AE/AF/(AEL/AFL) buttons are."

Allen - I may be misunderstanding your question, but one reason is speed and flexibility (or is that two reaons?). It's a way to keep automation delay out of the way, but have the assist at your fingertips when you need it. Cake + eat.

Especially when snap-shooting (and I don't mean taking snapshots), having dedicated buttons for AE, AF and Lock, as opposed to linking functions to the shutter button, is a great benefit. Even if you're hyperfocused and metering ambient, there may be times when you need or want a quick metering or ranging (e.g., you're out of hyperfocus range, or the shot needs shallow DOF).

On the other hand, having AE or AF tied to the shutter button is limiting, can be a hindrance, and is responsible for the bulk of shutter lag. For decisive moment shooting, you don't want AE or AF slowing things down when you press the shutter, no matter how short the delay.

That may sound esoteric or fuddy-duddy or whatever, but I think many people are interested in this particular camera because it promises to let them shoot this way.

with all that space on the top plate, you would think they could add a fake winder with a ratchet sound so us old people can pretend we are still shooting film......!

This is without doubt the coolest camera announcement I've seen in the past decade. Hope it lives up to its potential.

Wish it had been announced a year ago, before I gave up hope on any company producing anything like it, and sunk a bunch of money elsewhere.

I like the film plane indicator. Is that a poke at all those digicams that make fake shutter sounds?

A digital Hexar... *DROOLS* :P''''''

Manual focus? Zone focusing? No sign of a focus ring on the lens. Please tell me I can preset for 9 meters and have it hold focus there. Street shooting not nearly as easy without that.

Zone focusing? Please?

I said the same thing over on Gizmodo, and someone that claims to know says that yes there's manual focusing, and a focusing scale is available in the finder along with the DOF preview.

I'm not going to bitch about the lack of interchangeable lens. This is a walk around camera; for dropping in a (large) pocket and working spontaneously, fast, close, and quiet. Concur on the shutter lag concern. Anytime/place I know I'm going to be taking pictures, or presented with the opportunity to, I can break out the SLR rig.

Two things strike me about this camera: One, the viewfinder should be full mag (ie. 1.0X) and Two, why not a 23mm f1.4 lens? This would be feasible with the short focal length, the custom-oriented microlenses and the ability to design the fixed lens to the sensor. They're close to a home run but might just end up walking to first.
Watching too much Rockies in CO, Rick.

Oh dear, um, cor, hmm? I dont want to say it, is this the DMD? No no cant be, can it? If I say it, it'll go POOH! disappear in a puff of magic smoke. I've been reading this excellent blog for over a year, listening to the talk about
what we want in a camera.
I started with a 1.3megapixel Casio well everybody has to start somewhere, then I got a Panasonic Fz18 (I had to look for the number) it's 8mp 28-500mm motor zoom, electronic viewfinder all in one, it's brilliant but not a slr (I've got a bad case of G. A. S.) And that new Sony looked so good and Minolta Lenses fit on it. So buy 14mp sony 3 lenses 18-300mm, Yeah a proper camera it's got all that stuff a whole bagfull of stuff and a tiny optical vf at the end of a tunnel hmm, and you have to frig about changing the lenses um, and it weigh's, it weigh's.
I used it for about 1000 shots and the novelty was wearing off and I was the only one who could see the quality,
I went back to the Panny.
So if more wasn't what i wanted what was? LESS! No this is gear lust it's never less, (Lieca for a year. shut up Mike I cant be doing with chemicals an stuff)
Then the Fuji x100 ( I want to lick it) so I'm depending on you to tell me why I dont want to buy one (ExposurePlot tells me 40% of my shots are 28mm, that's one reason nearly)
Is that lettering engraved? into metal?
Okay under control now, I dont normally get this excited over kit
but this is so nearly there. I'm hoping you can get a camera to review, as I no dought you hope so too, any chance?? got contacts at Fuji??
PS If everybody bought an x100 that's approx 1/4 million dollars/euros lets hope they make so :)

Winsor ranted:
I don't get it. There is enthusiasm because it looks like a Leica? Well except for that top plate that looks like pressed metal instead of the alloy casting it is claimed to be. It is nearly as big as the M9. Just a silly half inch narrower. It dwarfs the X-1 and any of the m4/3 cameras, as well as the featured Olympus 35SP which is,by the way, a full frame camera. It has a fixed lens that throws away the size advantage of a collapsible lens. It lacks a built in flash. It lacks image stabilization. There has been no testing of the claims of speed and high quality. And no price. This is a medium sized camera. You will have to carry it on a strap around your neck just like a D3100 or any small DSLR. The DSLR will function without much weight disadvantage and LOTS more versatility and a viewfinder that is just as newsy.

Here you go mate, a size comparison with a bunch of other cameras (click for larger). From left to right: Sigma DP2, Leica X1, Fuji X100, Olympus E-P1, Leica M9, Samsung NX10 and Panasonic G2. Sure, it's not dwarfed by the M9 in size, but it is in price, and that's important to some of us.

I'm excited aboout this new camera -- and I don't even want one!

The first time I felt like this was when Minolta announced the TC-1 in the 90's, the second time was when I got it new for 500$ (!) in 2006, now is #3 and I really hope that #4 is coming sooner than with the TC-1

I bet someone over at Leica is slapping their forehead saying "Damn, why didn't I think of that."

I expected a camera like this soon but didn't think it would be Fujifilm that would do it. I salute Fuji for having the conviction of putting a fixed lens on it, which makes the only missing (in my mind) feature a easy next step; weather proofing. It looks like a near perfect photojournalist's camera.

Nice enough camera. Will have to wait for
a hands on exhaustive review with a
production model. But so far nothing so
exceptional that I'd dump my GF1 with a
20mm f1.7, a 7-14mm, and the coming
100-300 (200-600 35mm equivalent).

Beautiful camera! One month ago, I bought a Contax G2, and am really enjoying it, and have wished for something like this in digital. A couple of things I've noticed on the top of it, where is 1/2 & 1 sec exposure?
A Bulb & T setting? Hmmm, interesting. Is that a female thread on the shutter button?
Very cool!

"One month ago, I bought a Contax G2, and am really enjoying it, and have wished for something like this in digital."

I know what you mean Walter as I, too, am enjoying a "new" Contax G2 and wonder why it can't be made digital.

But we may get our wish. Rumor has it that Kyocera has just sold the Contax brand back to Zeiss (from whence it came). Now what could Zeiss have in mind?

now that manufacturers have finally figured out how to put a sensor of APS C or larger size into standard form factors, when is Olympus releasing a digital equivalent of the Mju II ?
I mean with same size, weight, and a large sensor.

Hopefully it is not 15-20 years we have to wait for that (the time it took from 70-80s rangefinders to 1997 when the Mju II appeared)

i cant believe my luck. i hav been hoping someone would make the digital equivalent of a olympus 35 SP or canonet QL17 with shutter priority and/or f stop priority. this is going to be a winner. cant wait to get one.....ashok/mumbai - india

well actually it is NOT "EXACTLY equivalent in 35mm terms, to a 35mm ƒ/2" as its depth of field will be less shallow - it is an equivalent in field of view and light transmission only ... :P

This looks like fab camera from fuji, innovative and the viewfinder is the best on the market (if it is a good as they say) fuji have always been a little out of left field and have found a gap in the market,congrats fuji.

Mike wrote:

"It would be a second camera, in the way that a two-seater sports car is a second car. It would be neither a do-everything camera nor a replacement for a DSLR, but rather a complement to a DSLR."

This sounds like what I said when I purchased a G11! Some features that attracted me: small sensor for greater DOF, swivel LCD, built-in ND filter, two custom mode buttons, superb image quality.

I wouldn't find a fixed-lens camera that useful.


As of this writing, there's 179 posts on this topic. Is this a TOP record? Fuji, PLEASE don't fumble this ball, the world is watching.

I have seen a lot of comments about the possible cable release hole in the shutter button - that actully makes Fuji-sense. My S9500 had one; as I said earlier, Fuji do what feels right. :)

At last a real camera with real controls, almost perfect. The only thing I would like is an M lens mount.

A note to the folk at Leica; you're starting to get competition and they are innovating in ways you have forgotten how. This could be the camera the X1 should have been; now you need to bridge the huge gap between the toy cameras and the M9 before you find your market has evaporated again.


I want an X100 so bad I can taste it! I got my first REAL camera when I was fourteen in 1956. It was a 35mm rangefinder camera. I still own it! I hope that Fujifilm doesn't price this out of my range.

Why didn't they design it with a 24x36mm sensor and 35mm lens? Why is there no hi-res 1080p video?

Are they hoping I buy this AND the subsequent generation X200?

Enough is enough. I am sticking with my DP1 cameras for the next two years at least.

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