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Sunday, 19 September 2010


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This is certainly a digital Konica Hexar remade by Fuji. Excellence!!!

Is that their photo of it? What a gorgeous classic look! I don't know whether I'll like the combo optical/electronic viewfinder, but I am definitely happy that Fuji is trying something new and interesting.

What if it costs $1500?

The minute I read about this, I thought of TOP. Seems I'm not alone.

does this look like some kind of Bessa/Voigtlander Fuji I wonder?

Whoa, Nelly! A DMD at last?

I know almost nothing about it. Yet I'm somehow certain I shall buy it, ceteris paribus. It's as if Fujifilm pulled an Inception-esque heist on my dreams.

I threw together a side-by-side size comparison with the Leica X1. You can find it at the bottom of my post about this beautiful Fuji.

You'd better not be joking about this Mike. If you were I'd consider it an act of cruelty.

Conceptually closer to being a miniature version of the GA645/GA645i medium format point-and-shoots with the 60 mm 1:4 Fujinon lens than to a Canonet. Hopefully it will perform at least as well as the Fuji 645 cameras loaded with Fuji Pro 400H or the new Portra 400.

Wow! Looks like someone is finally listening to you, Mike. I am so used to being disappointed when new cameras are announced that this came as as a shock. This is the digital equivalent of the wonderful Konika Hexar 35.

More info from the Fuji site:


There's a lot to like about this camera from the specs. If the IQ is there, and with Fuji there's no reason to suspect it won't be, this could be an out of the park home run.


I want one!



Today really sucked. Then I read this. I'm thinking I should start saving for my next new camera...

If it works, and goes into production, I may be in the market for a couple of them - one for me, and one for my Dad, who at 83 is (slowly) becoming digitally aware. I think something like this would really rock his world. I know it would mine. And the APS-C sensor is the icing...

OMG I just spotted this on DPReview. Those analog controls! *Swoon?*

It's a prime lens, 35mm equivalent. Personally, I'm sort of fixed on 28mm, so that's the only thing keeping me from selling everything to buy one of these (plus it won't be released until early 2011).

This is a game-changer, at least for me!

OMG I just spotted this on DPReview. Those analog controls! *Swoon!*

It's a prime lens, 35mm equivalent. Personally, I'm sort of fixed on 28mm, so that's the only thing keeping me from selling everything to buy one of these (plus it won't be released until early 2011).

This is a game-changer, at least for me!

Everything about this announcement sounds exciting. I just hope it is capable of very clean, sharp images @ ISOs ~100-1600, and is priced under $1k US. That would be something!


I think my plan for a secondhand M digital is on hold. The Fuji must be causing quite a stir. The official website was overloaded and refusing connections when I tried to sign up for the e-mail announcements.

That looks a REALLY interesting camera. Fuji are fast becoming quite the innovators in photo gear. The body shape is interesting too - I can't quite place it- it looks like a... like a...

Oh yay! Oh yay! Oh yay!
Oh, thank God! It's my father's camera!
And, yes, I was going to email you :) I am very happy for you Mike, congratulations!

I had dreamed of a camera like this - and I had thought to photoshop some pictures of my dad's Retina IIa to make it look something like this.* Beautiful.

And, possibly, quite practical. I've been using an Olympus XA on and off for about two years now, and the 35mm field of view has given me excellent results. I've recently experimented with taping the zoom on my DSLR to 35mm-e. (An experiment defeated by the vicissitudes of photographing Le Kid.)

It's a fine field of view for family vacations, too, provided you are going someplace familiar. (Not what I would pick for a first trip to Tokyo, for instance, but for the umpteenth family trip to the beach, sure.) I've been wanting something small, light, and quality for a long time, and I'm probably willing to trade off no interchangeable lenses for something like this. It should suit all my practical purposes just fine.

The thoughtful little touches like the internal ND filters, and the combined optical/electronic viewfinder are so sweet. *Le sigh*

Now, let's find out, how much is it, how fast it can autofocus, and whether it can see in the dark.

*I'd even sketched out some of the design details they came up with. Unbelievable. Must be steam engine time.

Only problem I see is that the OVF is only 0.5x w/ 90% coverage (at least according to DPR). But that could just contribute to the retro experience, kind of like the Kodak Retina (currently sitting on a shelf in my room ;-).

Goodbye Sigma. Hello Fuji.

Early accounts of course look great. It will be interesting to see the response of other camera makers if the camera lives up to the promise. Fuji obviously sees a market for this camera because they set out specifically to build it. I hope they are rewarded for their efforts and I hope the price point is friendly.

I hope this really delivers, I could see myself using something like this for about 90% of my personal photography.

Thank-you Fuji, for producing a camera instead of following the pack and churning-out yet another electronic gadget that forces us to "point and guess" when we would rather properly "compose" an image - or at least recognize what it is we are about to capture...because, in most situations, an LCD display, mounted on the back of a camera, is Not a Suitable Replacement For a Good Viewfinder.

Heck, even Panasonic, Olympus and Leica know that. They just wanted to charge a premium for the accessory viewfinder (which also seemed to take the "compact" out of "compact camera")!

If this Fuji camera performs according to the published specs, I will gladly line-up to buy one.

Thanks for the heads-up Mike!

Cheers! Jay

I'm not a fan of the body design (I know, I'm in the minority) - it looks to be a curious mix of old and new design elements that don't quite gel.

That aside, the rear controls are surprising. I'm not sure what the need for separate AE/AF/(AEL/AFL) buttons are. Also, a dedicated "RAW" button - why? And what's with the "View" button? I'm also curious if the rear dial is an "Adj"-style dial ala. the GR/GXR series bodies. If so, and it behaves like the Ricoh dials, that would be awesome!

All, in all, I'm stoked to see an APS-C compact with a fixed 35mm lens. I'm definitely in the market for this...

Ditto! As I'm anxiously awaiting the Pentax K5 specs announcement and hoping that a 23mm or 24mm f2 prime is in the mix somewhere I see this announcement. Exactly what I want. It will have something not perfect, they always do. I hope it works as well as supposed and the high ISO is reasonable!

Whaaaa… cool! i want more info stat!

There seem to be enough people interested in it to bring down the official Fuji web page. Maybe that's good news.

Too cool! If this works, I've finally found the perfect rangefinder for daily use! The picture looks exactly like what I hoped some camera manufacturer would do - just make a rangefinder that looks and acts like a film version - no chimping the back screen - no dongle - just make a film like digital. Thank you Fuji!!!

Wow! This is such an interesting time to be a photographer....

...and folks think styling is not important.

Don't get me wrong, it's probably going to be a lovely camera to use (external dials, groovy VF) and produce excellent images as well. But how much better than an EPL1 with a pancake?

Nah - who are we kidding? About 50% of the price and 80% of the sales will be down to one thing - it is just drop dead gorgeous!

I guess someone at Fuji reads TOP.

It's sooooo close to the camera I want, but with a fixed lens it's just a no go for me. Why oh why couldn't they have just put a bayonet mount on it? They wouldn't even have to make a lot of lenses initially. I'd be ok with just a 23mm or 35mm for now if I knew a wide angle and portrait prime would come sooner or later. But with a fixed 23mm lens it's just too limiting. This is the most frustration I've had yet in my ongoing wait for the perfect camera simply because this one is so close....yet so far away :(

Ok, this looks like the perfect M9-esque camera for compact, discreet street photography. Forget all the m4/3 and LCD-viewing based large sensor compacts - this is THE real deal!

It'll be hard waiting for 2011 to come around...

It's like a Canonet with a Heads-Up Display in the finder! Brilliant!! If they can do it to the windshield of a Mercedes, why not in a camera?

I'm already making room in my purse and shining up some Telecasters to sell...I predict a price point close to the Leica X1.

one more post. I WANT this camera. I REALLY want it.

Ye gods, that's a great idea! I'm guessing that computer-generated framelines could correct for parallax and field-of-view changes with focus distance with 100% accuracy....

Had to check the calendar twice, was afraid it was an April's fool day.
Kudos for Fuji!!

Wow, fixed two bugs and I missed an entire version of this post :-).

I have to agree that this sounds very hopeful in a lot of ways.

I'll be amused if (when) we run into more recent serious photographers being annoyed by the aperture ring, which they're not used to. And the shutter speed dial, for that matter.

I've been hoping for a smaller thinner carry-around -- but this sounds like it would give me the low-light I always end up missing in my little cameras.

Well, we'll have to see where the price comes out, and what the user reports and reviews look like. I suspect this will be very hard to get for the first 6 months or so.

Let's guess; couldn't possibly cost less than an LX5 given what it's offering. I don't think it could possibly actually sell for as much as Leica X1. So that gives a practical range of something like...$750 to $1750? Sigh.

(DPreview has the press release up.)

Three words: cable release socket.

It's gorgeous. I hope it arrives soon than expected. A few quick thoughts:
1) Is there no flash? I know, I know, the Oly EP1 doesn't have one, and most Leica M users, laugh at anything but available light, but, I'm just saying...
2) Love the aperture dial on the lens vs on another dial on the top plate
3) Price point: My prediction: $1249 in the US. More than any other compact, but undercutting the Leica X1 (main competition).


OK, first check date - it's NOT April 1st...

Wow. Amazing. This is a GREAT concept, and I'll buy one as soon as it's available, even if the price is in the X1 league.

Hoping that Fuji keeps it more reasonable, though.

Will be checking frequently for updates.

The viewfinder and the built-in ND8 are brilliant. While I will probably not buy this, I hope similar ideas get incorporated in all EVIL cameras, either through imitation or licensing.


The engineers at Fuji must be commended and they must be pleased. This is innovation rather than the incremental upgrading of current (adequate) products.

Oh my goodness, that might just be it. Like a digital Hexar AF, only with the right answers to the problems that camera had. I mean, if it turns out to be as good as the ideas it's made from. I've not been this excited about a camera announcement since... since... I don't know when, actually.

I was just holding up my Olympus 35 SP up to the pic of this new Fuji. Awesome!

This reminds me of my Konica Hexar AF.

WHOLLY CRAYP! That may be the camera that many of us have been waiting YEARS for!

I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...I hope...

And it even has an aperture ring! How awesome!

Fuji is going to sell a jillion of these, or at least all they can produce unless the price is exorbitant. Looks like they nailed the retro ergonomics. Now, if that evf switch would also act as depth of field preview...

One thing I don't get though, and this isn't just Fuji but all digital camera designers, is why don't they give ISO a dedicated dial? I've had 35mm slrs with ASA/ISO dials, and those you usually set only once for each roll. I bet I adjust ISO more often than exposure compensation; surely I'm not alone here?

This camera is sending photography forums wild. Fuji colours in an APS-C 35mm f2 rangefinder with manual controls - bliss!

Ohhh is that my credit card I feel moving in my pocket.

This looks like a camera I could really love. Is it just me that seems to shoot most of their images at about 35mm, having a system optimised for this makes great sense to me and F2 sounds perfect!

Smart move by Fuji. I know I don't want to look like a photographer for the local paper when walking around with camera in public but at the same time appreciated a quality build and good image quality. Please add quick performance to the list as well.

An M9 is way out of my league as are the lenses so hopefully Fuji nailed this one. We shall see.

Is it too much to hope for a black paint version?

I always wanted a Fuji gw690 series camera. Still out of my price range, maybe in a couple more years. Mike, you think this will be good Leica contender?

If only they'd make a film version!

Somehow, I doubt it will be the perfect camera. First, the production camera won't be nearly as cool looking, and some lame excuses will be made by Fuji so that we'll lose the aperture dial and speed dial. The viewfinder will be deplorable (like a disposable),shutter lag will be greater than 500 ms, focus slow and unreliable, battery life about 70 shots, and the dials will be too loose.
Of course, we can always hope

My used Leica M8 plans are on hold, hopefully indefinitely....

Canikon must be blind... Why are they not innovating like everyone else seemingly does? All they do is incremental evolution, and copy each other. Latest P7000 is just plain, blunt plagiarism. I'd be embarrassed to even be seen with one for that reason!

This Fuji is a wonderful concept. Please also make a version with 58mm F2 (85mm-e) and I will sell all my gear, all 17 kg of it, to get both, if this one is even half as good as it appears to be.

1. It has no rangefinder; maybe that's not so bad, IF it has some kind of electronic focus aid rangefinder simulator thing.
2. Please cut all posts using the expressions "jaw dropping"(or any of it's derivatives), or OMG.

The 4 page pamphlet.

The best part of the pamphlet...
"FUJIFILM's unique Hybrid Viewfinder is unparalleled. The X100 will be the first camera to feature this innovation."

Page 3 Second sentence on the right hand side.
The First camera...

I wanted to buy Ricoh GR21, but in this digital/megapixel era to go back to film, it looked to me that I'll go way back. So, when analog is in concern, I decided to stick to my Pentax MX, and Nikon FE, and definitely to my restored Leica III with the Leitz Elmar 5/1:3.5. Then I ended up with two 8MP Ricoh GRD-I. And I was happy with what I had. (I shoot mainly B/W). Till now. Now, the FinePix X100 came out. Do I have any dilemmas? No, I think I'll have one... Very soon...

well - I was jut going to post you a message about a beautiful cute Fuji camera I just found - now, too late


Damn, but I am going to HAVE to arrange to test one of these.

pax / Ctein

Micro 4/3 on clearance, aisle nine.

This looks wonderful. I'll sell my body to get one (my second Canon body, that is).

I wanna see a comprehensive range of sample images before I form an opinion. It's a camera, not a fashion accessory.

Since I'm broke and can't possibly buy the X100 I'm going to tell myself to hold out for a TLR edition.

The thing, apart from the body design and all manual controls, that I notice is the viewfinder display (in the video). Clean, but with everything right there, from AF point to shutter, aperture, and ISO to color temp, quality, and shots remaining all right there, logically placed in the view. It all adds up to a camera designed by photographers, or at least by engineers that know what actual photographers want and have been listening well.

Still, I come away with exactly the criticism I made last year about the X1: whatever the cost, I'd rather pay a bit more for the same body and lens if that lens came off, and if just two more lenses (one wider, one longer) were announced for the first year.

Still, why find complaints when I want it so badly.

Can I swear on TOP? ... No? ...

OK then, just... WOW!!!! ....WHOO HOO!!!

Nikon needs to look at their own excellent film 35Ti and 28 Ti models and make a proper stab at this DMD equivalent WITH a monochrome sensor option too...

After a bit of reading on it, I'm convinced they're quite serious.

In my own little old-school/new-school documentary storyteller universe, this is the most electrifying camera announcement since the 5D Mark II shooting video. Between those two cameras, I should have all I need.

(*crosses fingers that Fuji have gotten it as right as it looks like they might have*)

Oh my god !

In other news: TOP closes for lack of discussion topics, having finally found the DMD.


Wow, I'm almost driven to tears. By now, I thought I'd never see something like I'd wished for in my camera description at http://weitz.de/camera.html, but here it is. From the description, it seems they added just about everything that was wrong with the Leica X1 and then some. What is not immediately apparent right now is whether the camera will have a decent way to pre-focus manually, but I really, really hope so. Everything else, including the design, looks so... perfect.

I'm pretty sure I know what my next digital camera will be.

Looks amazing. I'm already in line for one...


Manual focus? Zone focusing? No sign of a focus ring on the lens. Please tell me I can preset for 9 meters and have it hold focus there. Street shooting not nearly as easy without that.

Zone focusing? Please?

Dear Steve J.,

Since I own an Olympus EP-1 with the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens, you can bet your booty that I'll be doing direct comparisons in my review.

pax / can't-wait Ctein

2011 will have one particular day I sell my D2X, after more than 5 years of happy use..

Haven't seen such a pretty camera for a long time. It definitely beats the Leica X1. Even the back of it is good looking too. The Leica people must be really jealous. See that viewfinder, isn't that an M3?

"If only they'd make a film version!"

I would say the recently announced wide-angle GF670W from Fuji would be pretty much the equivalent film camera.

I'm a bit torn; this one - and the GF670W - both look like great digital and film bring-along respectively. But I've never really warmed to wide angle lenses for a general walk-around camera. I don't really know why, as the wide-angle format is really popular here in Japan for street photography, and I enjoy a lot of that kind of work from others.

I might just have to pick up a GF670 next year after all.

Very excited about this, I really hope it lives up to the promise and isn't marred by some stupid glitch...

This seems like the most important specification:
"0.5X magnification with approx. 90% frame coverage"

The 0.5x sounds a bit low, right? So I looked up some others:
Leica M6: 0.78, and later others, including 0.58, for 28mm lenses
Contax G2: 0.57 when using 45mm lens, 90% coverage
Bessa R4a 0.52x with frames for 21mm lenses
Other Bessas: 0.7x, 1.0x...

Incidentally, 0.5x with a 35mm lens "translates" to 0.71 with a 50mm lens -- I mean that the full frame should appear of equal size with these two. Film SLRs were like 0.75 (F3HP) to 0.8.

Presumably 90% refers to the frame within the brightline -- the brochure clearly shows that you can see outside this, a la Leica M. Although from the video it looks like in digital viewfinder mode the screen takes up the whole field of view... in which case I hope 0.5x is for the optical system not the digital one!

Finally someone shows Leica that you can marry an optical VF/RF with dynamic electronic information. Roll on an M with the electronic single frame lines!

Cool! A digital Konica Hexar! Let's hope that it is quick and responsive, making beautiful files. (I keep hoping...)

I want one...... and I'm a 100% film user!

no manual focus ????

The X100. A hundred times betterer than the X1.

"This Fuji is a wonderful concept. Please also make a version with 58mm F2 (85mm-e)..." I agree with Tee!!!

w00t! Please let it be fast. Sounds like they are engineering with that in mind too. Thank you Fuji for understanding the DMD spec. I also hope the implementation of manual focus is as right-on as the other controls. I'd vote for mechanical focus with a DOF scale, but I know the world has moved on and AF makes that difficult. I don't care if it costs as much as the X1; with proper buffers it will succeed where the X1 fails. I have already purchased the X100 in my mind and my 35SP and PenEEF are already feeling jealous.

could it be? is the long wait finally over? it may not be perfect (or even pretty), but it sure gets a lot of things right!

To think several days ago I was looking at a Samsung NX100 with the 20mm pancake... We've gone from having to suffer with small sensor compacts to slowly being spoilt for choice.

In response to some of the other commenters. To the audience here at least, lack of a flash is unlikely to be important. This may limit its wider appeal however several of the competition have gone the same way in similar cameras. As for price, if it's over 1000USD it won't sell in large amounts period. Needs to be several hundred dollars under a grand.

I was just thinking that Fuji have been awfully quiet for the past year... like elves at the North Pole.

This got me wet in my pants. I kind of wanted the Leica, but was restrained by the framing on screen. You were not in control of the focus point, the camera was.

Now, this is VERY interesting. The viewfinder is in the right place (on right and not in the middle) And they got it right with the body size, the focal length and the maximum aperture.

The viewfinder system is brilliant, at least on paper.

If they release this camera below 2000€ it would be very hard to resist. If it is at 1000€, I'm simply going to get crazy. And I don't care about high isos or pixel count. This would replace my film camera, not my DSLR.

Anyone knows what do the numbers for optical viewfinder mean "0.5X magnification with approx. 90% frame coverage"?

In DSLR world these numbers don't look impressive and for a rangefinder I kind of expect that viewfinder is larger than frame. The released pictures show frame box in viewfinder, so in that way I'd expect 100% frame coverage.

Mike, this is the best news I've heard in ages, and the only digital I've been remotely interested in for even longer. I've been using a borrowed Hexar RF with a 35mm lens, and liking it to the point where I've seriously considered buying a Hexar AF with the fixed 35mm lens. I don't care for the film vs. digital argument, but the viewfinder, form-factor, ergonomics, handling, size and weight of the camera etc mean a lot to my ability to carry a camera everywhere and to my enjoyment in making photos. As you have said, it won't replace the dSLR, but it will be a much better option for a lot of my photography. This design is just so right - someone has to build it, finally. I'll be retiring next year - now I know what my retirement present will be! Thanks.


I hope it is faster then the X1 and feels solid and good. Then it is a winner.

As for the viewfinder magnification: This is a window finder, no SLR finder. The 0.5 mag is like the 0.58 finder in the Minolta CLE or the 0.58 Leicas, perfekt for 35mm framelines, and much better then the 0.72 of the "normal" Leicas. So don't worry, spec-raiders ;-)

Now I have to think what I can sell to fund this one.

Want one. or mabye two... Currently using EP-1 for all personal "always take along-use", with a Panasonic 20mm and external optical wiewfinder. This will be even way better... I would but this only to encourage CaNikon to start thinking.
Bet the R&D departments in these companies woke up with a hangover today. :-)

this was my reaction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YXZ7D6wPwU

I predict $1K, after it has been on the market for six months.

That's still half of Leica's version. Grey market on eBay? Who knows.

Just how does one go about selling a kidney these days?

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