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Friday, 20 August 2010


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It says so right on the box - Bruce Davidson, Outside Inside. Of course I had to magnify it quite a bit :)

I admit I burned it down so you'd have trouble seeing it. [g]


Yeah, nice unboxing shots. (Especially the second image). Now if it was only a video on youtube...

Ahh, donations. I can't think of a better way to do that than by immediately clicking the provided links and filling the skies with books on their way to me. Mike, using the results for two-ply toilet tissue or even eBay lenses for cameras you hope to have someday is just fine with me. Go for it!


Dear Mike,

Is the repro quality as luxurious as the production quality?

If it is, I may have to succumb.

pax / Ctein

Thanks, Bryce!

Hi Mike. Nothing to do with your post but as a long time reader can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that you include links to UK Amazon and other sites in your posts.

I know it's a small detail but as a Brit (and also Irish but currently domiciled in the Caucasus) I appreciate it.

I guess it's still no guarantee, but the Steidl website does say there's a 2nd edition due in October.

OMG that's beautiful. Hell, I'd display the box as well.

Played the first box guessing game, I first thought darkroom, then computer, then iPad. Wrong on all counts. Your surprise was even better.

As for bookshelf cameras, I've got my beloved, dead OM-4 up there along with some other interesting bits that I've picked up at auctions and the occasional garage sale. They make for great dusting. Most people don't notice them, but I do on a daily basis.

I would really, really, REALLY like to have this set, but I'm saving for a new computer. So I started looking through my books if I could part with one... Anybody interested in a mint copy of Minor White's 'Eye Mind Spirit'!?

Ha! Mine should be arriving today or Monday... Can't wait! It's been supposedly coming out for half a year now, so when I finally saw it available, I was thrilled.

The previous donation to Mike ended up as a sneakers for his growing son. I never advise the recipient as to the use of the donation.

Printed material is permance be it written or photographic images. I approve.


Just to let you know that early this week,I should be receiving a 5x7 silver print of the the two young girls conversing by a river, under an umbrella, by Animesh Ray. I can't wait. In exchange, I will be sending him 4 rolls of K64.

Animesh's story of how he got into photography is quite interesting, and one that I think the readers of this forum will find quite compelling and probably a bit familiar.

On another note, I will probably get the Davidson book in the near future.

Thank you for being the information hub for the world of photography.

Little film cameras; right now my 23 year old daughter has an Olympus Trip, my 20 year old a Yachica 35ME, and I have an Olympus 35RC.

I hate to say it, but my Leica M8 with a couple of really expensive lenses is sitting, while my family are shooting with cameras that cost a total of $3.99 from thrift shops and donations from an acquaintance.

Both daughters think film is neat, and the younger is enrolled in a B&W film course at the local school of photographic arts. The darkroom at home is finished, and functioning well.

Yes, film is more intrusive on one's time than digital. Film is not so immediate. Film is a physical medium - there is a tactile joy to handling it. There are only 36 "clicks" in the camera.

Is there a lesson here somewhere? I don't know, I'm trying to figure it out myself.

Hi Mike,
I lived right down the block from Bruce for 28 years and met him a few times. The thing that impressed me the most is that at his age, he still starts almost every day at 5 am in his darkroom. He is obviously a very accomplished printer and still does all of the archival printing for galleries himself! He is a soft spoken man and deserves this treatment of his life's work...I wish I could afford to buy this set of books.

I think any time someone buys a camera because they were seduced by the Online Photographer's campaign of references they should put something in Mike's cookie jar. It's only fair. It's like commission.

The bookcase is filling up, Mike. Hope the builder kept the plans.

Enjoy the new books.

Prompted me to finally order a copy, and that also finalized the order for a copy of "The Suburbs" (the CD, not a photo book) that I'd forgotten was in my shopping cart. The CD had dropped in price since I stuck it in the cart a few days ago, so you saved me five bucks. Thanks, Mike!

That's it. Thanks for the note on Bruce's new book. I need to catch up on Bruce a bit and this book is it. I took a workshop (well started) from Bruce in 1972 - Apeiron Workshops in Millerton NY. He was starving for work at the time and he had to take an assignment in NY to photograph a baseball game (yeah, go figure). He said he'd sit in the seats with a long lens. No big deal. 'Had to leave the workshop. Before he left he signed a hardbound East 100th Street to me. He was a good teacher and a swell guy. Charles Harbutt taught the rest of the workshop. Anyway, I've sort of picked up his books but not every one. So, this would be a good catch-up book(s).

I would give the repro quality an A-/B+. Not the absolute best I've seen, but above average and well above "serviceable."

I suspect what I'm reacting to as I say that is in part a matter of taste, because I've started to notice certain characteristics to the repro in Steidl books, and I suspect they get it the way THEY want it and their taste just differs slightly from mine--like one music listener preferring a solid state amp and another a tube amp, know what I mean? Your mileage could vary from my A-/B+ judgment, but, I would guess, not by much.


Mike, thank you for the blog. You've introduced me to so many hidden treasures in the last few years. I really appreciate it.


And here I thought you finally ponied up for a Sony Alpha 850...

Dear Mike,

I can live with that.

I'd not spend $150 on an Ansel Adams book that didn't have A+ repro-- too much of what makes his photographs work requires that. Looking at lesser repro of Adams' work is a lot like listening to Brubeck on AM radio.

Bruce's work, while deserving of the very best repro, is still well-represented by merely-very-good repro.

pax / Ctein

Dang it, another book (or set of books, to be precise) that I'm lusting after! I swear, I will acquire the big Sander box set before I go chasing after this latest one.

Also, let me share in the Canonet love!! this photo was taken with this camera, with which I pretty much did Mike's one camera-one-lens-one film (the film was from the giant brick of Tri-X Dad had in our chest freezer) project when I was thirteen. It wasn't a Leica, but it was close enough for Craig, Nebraska in 1977.

Glad to see "Lisboa Alegre e Triste" on you bookshelf :)

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