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Monday, 09 August 2010


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I'm chief photographer at my shop and I just forwarded a link to this to all our shooters and most of my friends.

Satire given, I had a shot with a model yesterday who had been working in Dubai and I asked him if he had met any Middle Eastern photographers and he said no, all the photographers were foreigners, but possibly because the natives in Dubai had no reason to work (in his opinion). On a deeper level, I want to know if he had encountered anyone who thought photography was "haram" (prohibited) in Islam because it commits the image of a person to a film. This came up ages ago when I was in discussions with a company in a Muslim country over creating video games. The new guard was all for it, but they still needed the blessing of a religious authority because of the question of whether one could show humans in images.

Is this a British version of The Onion.

"On a deeper level, I want to know if he had encountered anyone who thought photography was "haram" (prohibited) in Islam because it commits the image of a person to a film."

Yep, it has been a half century of breaking the second commandment for me.

It's easy to be mistaken for a photographer when you carry a Canon :-)

@Keith. In Dubai there are loads of Middle Eastern photographers from Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi and all over that region. Dubai also has plenty of local Emirati photographers. Photography is popular with both sexes there so your model can't have experienced much of the place. Natives might not have the entrepreneurial skills that expats bring with them, mostly working in the public sector, but they are getting there, slowly.

Dear diforbes,

So does that mean it's easy to be mistaken for a god if you carry an Olympus?

Jest wondrin'...

pax / EP-1-owning Ctein

The Onion ?

Possibly, although I doubt it.

The Grandad of British satirical publishing, and at the same time a bastion of investigative journalism would be "Private Eye." It's the only bit of the fourth estate worth having, as far as I'm concerned, and I'm not sure they're commissioning a lot of photography for all that.

For online satire of a significantly lower standard, I guess there's Newsarse, or The Daily Mash (strapline for the latter however is "Frequent, intense profanity" so don't grumble you weren't warned.)


In reply to Ron W, the best British equivalent to The Onion is The Daily Mash. However, as a Brit, I think the Onion is much better.

Just as I thought: we ARE the lowest of the low--even terrorists think we suck....

He who can't spell does take a Canon as a cannon, and he the terrorist who wears one will immediately be taken as a photographer !

Of interest: Photography Through The Eyes of Saudi Arabian Women

There's a book of the same name available - don't forget to use "the links".

While "the assumption that carrying a camera makes [one] some sort of ‘photographer’" may not really be "insulting in the extreme", looking at Flickr, MySpace or Twitpics demonstrates it to be possibly false in the extreme :)

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