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Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Submitted to www.mlive.com

Hi Mike,

I'll be more than happy to pass along your release to my few, tenuous media-type contacts.

Peter's piece on Voja was a joy to read, and very characteristic of what T.O.P. is all about. You have created something unique, and very valuable this blog. Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Glad to help. Peter's post is an absolutely wonderful piece and is required reading. The PR is being sent to the New Orleans Photographic Society ~150 people and a few other friends who've retreated from the dark and now work with mega pixels.
It would be interesting to learn how the collaboration between photographer and printer is evolving in the digital age.

There you go Mike, a post specially for TOP´s press release on my blog.

I'll do better...I'll share it on Facebook :-)

It is worth noting that the origin of the word amateur is from the Latin amare "to love" or someone who does something for the love of it...not always a profesional characteristic. Steve Willard

I will post it on my blog.

Great portrait of one of my favourite photographers....thanks so much.


If you're going the pronounciation route you might as well add the surname part (Voya Mitrovich)

Perhaps it's time to set up a Twitter account for yourself, Mike. In all seriousness, Twitter is very good for this sort of crowd-sourcing work. Give it a go. You'd be surprised how effective it is.

Published your press release on our blog. Hope it helps!

Thanks very much to everybody who helped!

All best,


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