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Wednesday, 07 July 2010


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I assume it's an Inkjet print?

Yes. I'll ask Ken what printer he uses, or maybe he can chime in and answer that.


This is such a beautiful image! I have regretted not participating in previous print sales and so I jumped on this one as soon as it came up! I am so looking forward to seeing the "real thing".

Just out of interest, will this picture make it into your collection Mike?

This is, indeed, an inkjet print produced with Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment inks.

Congratulations to Ken and TOP. If I don't order one, I assure you it is not because it isn't a spectacular print worth owning.

I hope I snagged one with my paypal payment. Would love to have the contrast of this photograph next to one of the prints I bought from Carl's print sale.

Honestly cannot wait to find out who the photographer is for the fall print sale. Kinda hoping it is Peter Turnley, but I guess we will see soon.

Thank you to both Mike and Ken for this sale, and another thanks to Mike for all the others.

"will this picture make it into your collection Mike?"

C. Kurmann,
I'm trying to frame and hang at least one print from every print offer we do, so, yes.


haha, i thought it was a bit optimistic that it would last the full 5 days :D

Aaargh. Too late at 22.58 GMT.


Ah man! I spend the day tearing off sheetrock, and this is my reward. Sold out before I even saw the post. And I missed Germany vs. Spain too.

Oh well, better luck next time, I guess.

From those of us who snoozed .... DAMN! A second round - an encore if you will - would certainly be nice.

Can we have more prints for international orders? by the time we wake up there was no chance...

When was this taken?
I was on a boat in the lake when a storm that looked just like this closed in the city skyline in 10 minutes! The same shaped dark grey mass.

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