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Sunday, 11 July 2010


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That's some funny sh*t.

Colbert is a genius.

After seeing the woman in the original photo, though, I am still a bit confused.


Hi Mike.

If you take a look at page 37 of last week's Time Magazine, you'll find an image which to my eye is highly manipulated. The photo depicts the agonized face of a Greek protester being restrained by riot police. The face of the protester looks almost painted rather than photographed.
If it's not manipulated, it's my bad, and should be nominated for a pulitzer.


Wow! I thought I knew a lot of keyboard shortcuts. He never once used a mouse or a pen!

Keyboard shortcuts?

Colbert was manipulating the photo with his mind... which is something you can do with CS5, I hear.

"Video not available in your country" [UK]

Meh - Video not available in the UK. :(

Thanks anyhow, looks like it could have been good.



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