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Wednesday, 07 July 2010


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Mike or Ken - I don't see a price anywhere in the previous post for the sale. Am I just missing something?

Saaaaaaay whaaaaaat? I work for a living! Gimme shelter! Saturday is fine. I will buy a least one. Without this my collection has a hole. Please, please, please.

Ain't too proud to beg.

Hi Mike! I'm letting you know!

Yeah, doesn't seem terribly friendly, if you are hoping to be friendly. Just clocked in now, didn't even see the print sale, and find that you've even removed the pricing information.

I'll buy one if a second run is offered.

Not to be grumpy or anything, but could you tell us noon in what time zone? And how much will the prints be? I don't see a price in the announcement.

I must be blind -- I read and re-read the sale announcement,... and saw no price.
What's the price?

Um, since I completely missed the first post, and now all it says is 'sold out', I am wondering about how much the prints cost... ?

Or am I really blind today and missing it?

Perhaps you could use kickstarter.com to handle projects like this. If 50 people agree to kick in $155/175 each, he could do another batch.

Wow Mike, I think you've found your new calling, "The Online Photography Gallery."

I'm actually amazed myself at the sales as I know that view, and like the recent post on cropping, I know what's not shown in this print to both the right and left. While of course I don't know the light at the time this was taken I do know the view and I'm surprised by the framing (cropping:) If you can sell out 50 or 100 prints in 6-12 hours, I sure hope your getting a decent cut, you should make it a weekly thing perhaps - you get some more income, promote photographers and they get some income and collectors get nice prints at good prices - what's not to like about that - seems like a win-win-win.



P.S. I've got a print I'd like to sell :)

Heck, I'm in north america and I completely missed the "print sale is starting" post before it was already sold out. Add another vote for a second round.

Unfortunately I have to pass. Gotta save my arm and leg for the next offering.

Now this is uncool for the people who bought a print, thinking there would only 50 be printed. ;-)

No, it was never stated to be a limited edition, and it's not. It's an open edition, meaning the photographer can print as many as he wants. We've never sold a limited edition print.


Mike's correct in that this print was never presented as a limited edition. He did not impose such a restriction on the offer. His only requirement is that I never sell this size print at a lower price anywhere else.

I will, however, declare here and now that I will not be producing any more of this 11x14 print after this batch of 100 TOP prints has been produced. So although the prints will not be serially numbered they will represent a de facto limited edition. The insert included with the print will also certify this.

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