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Friday, 16 July 2010


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I would be VERY interested in how Ken's large prints were packaged for shipping.

Can this be answered in a post?


'Or perhaps I should more accurately say, it took me three and a half hours to discover an incredibly quick and simple fix [...]'

Mike, putting it this way, you are in good company. It reminds me of a remark by the 19th century Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. It is said it took the German friar Berthold Schwartz something like twenty years to invent gunpowder. Kierkegaard, however, points out this wasn't the case at all: Schwartz spent almost twenty years nót inventing gunpowder, until he mixed sulpher, saltpeter and charcoal in the right amounts and gunpowder was created - in twenty minutes, at most.

Have a nice vacation!


Dunkelkammer is looking more like a Felsenhöhle.

"I don't want to start seeing Arbus twins at the end of hotel corridors if you know what I mean...."

Guess you won't be staying at the Overlook Hotel on your week off, then. Redrum...redrum...

How can we survive a week without you? By reading older posts, I guess. Enjoy your well-deserved break.

Update on Print Sale Fulfillment
At this writing all U.S. orders for the 11x14 prints of "Summer Storm, Chicago" have been mailed (with the exception of one order who requested we delay his shipment briefly). By the end of Monday all of the international 11x14 shipments will have been mailed.

As Mike noted, the large prints will be moving out next week. I plan to ship them all by July 23rd. These will ship flat, packed in 20x24 Uline padded sandwich mailers just like the small prints. This is more expensive than using shipping tubes but it delivers a print that is immediately viewable, requiring no un-curling.

Thanks, again, to everyone who participated in this sale.

"It is said it took the German friar Berthold Schwartz something like twenty years to invent gunpowder."

Gunpowder was invented in China, as was moveable type before Gutenberg:


Happy hols Mike.


Agree, any reason to post a cool, well-executed photo, black and white or colour.

This one looks even better when opened in its own window, against a black background.


I got my print yesterday and I must say that it is STUNNING! Thank you Ken and Mike for making this possible.


I know. (Maybe we should say gunpowder and movable type were invented for the first time in China - quite a few inventions were made a number of times, in different places and in different periods. Like bow and arrow, ceramics and so on.) But I doubt if Kierkegaard could have known, and anyway that was not relevant to the point he was trying to make, which was merely a little joke about when one is doing what when trying to solve a problem.


Just curious, how many prints went overseas?

Got mine, I was amazed at how quickly it came.

The intro sheet was awesome, the print is amazing in life. You can't see buckingham fountain very well on the screen. So glad I got this :-)

Gotta find some money for next months now :p

It's been fascinating to see the national diversity of buyers for the "Storm" print.

From the first 11x14 offer there were 15 non-U.S. buyers, of which 4 were Canadian.

From the second 11x14 offer there were 11 non-U.S. buyers of which 3 were Canadian.

The "overseas" orders really spanned the globe: Japan, Malaysia, Australia, England, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany were all represented.


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