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Monday, 19 July 2010


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Yoy have at least one interested potential customer !

I would surely buy all three if I were rich.

I bought a remaindered copy of Peter Turnley's 'The Parisians' in 2001 in Bombay, from the Strand Bookstand sale that they hold every year. I can't count how many times I looked through it in the years that I lived there, but suffice it to say that though its contents were vastly different from what I was photographing in India, nevertheless, I learnt a great deal from it.

Compositions, themes and even, in some way, content are both specific and universal enough for it to be a great teacher.

Thank you Peter, and I look forward to the sale.

Wow. This is astounding. Thank you for putting this together.

I'll take one, put me in the queue!

Did Voja also do any of twin brother David Turnley's prints?

So how much do I have to save, and how long do I have to do it in? ;-)

Voja Mitrovic made the repro prints for a large number of photography books, including many of H.C.-B.'s books. He made the repro prints for both "In Times of War and Peace" and "McClellan Street," both of which are jointly authored by the two brothers, Peter and David.


Just viewed Peter Turnley's website. The first three images are just superb although I have to include no. 8 and No. 26 which reflects scenes only found in Paris.

Mood, emotions, feelings are words that come to mind when describing Peter's images.

What is the 'standard European collector size'?

Wooo hooooooo !

The prices will be $395/$375 for the first and second prints and $995 for all three, meaning the third print is $225 if you buy the other two.

The standard collector print size is 30x40cm (roughly 12 x 16"). The image area is somewhat smaller.

All the details will be given at a later date, closer to the sale. I didn't want to muck up this preliminary post too much by throwing in all the gritty particulars....


Do we eget to vote? Who cares, Democracy or not.

The toy sail boat and the canal. ++++
"Le Canal St Martin, 1982"

middle third of September is just in time for birthday, now the missus can no longer say I'm impossible to buy for. that M9 is just a bit out of reach.

I literally gasped when I read this. I am so very excited to be able to have something of Peter's in my home. His posts here, and indeed your own Mike are what inspired me to start taking photos. I am truly inspired by the dedication to Photography both of you showcase, and cannot wait to own something that I can look at as a collaboration of the two people who have inspired me so. Thank you, I cannot wait.

Oh and as far as my "vote"(do note, I realize this will fall on deaf ears, but this would be my dream list)

Métro, station St. Germain-des-Prés, 1980.
Paris, 1991.
Rue de Lappe, Paris, 1984.

The last one listed is very much so my favorite photograph.

Mike, thanks for putting together another great print offer!
Will there be a finite number of prints or will they print as many as are ordered?

There's no number limit on this one, just a time limit. Every order placed within the (to-be-specified) five days will be fulfilled.


One of my favorite books. This will be a problem.

Will Voja Mitrovic still be as good as he once was, considering he has not been in practice for over a decade? Chemicals, materials and equipment may have changed too. And I do not mean any disrespect at all.

As I understand it, he has never stopped printing. He just accepts no commercial clients. He prints for himself and a select few friends.


Oddly enough, my wife and I will be in Paris during the middle and last thirds of September for her 30th birthday. Not sure where I'm going to find $ that isn't already dedicated to the trip but . . . I'll think of something.

I have 4 of Peter's Paris prints and they are very special. The photographs speak for themselves but the printing is the best I've seen. Voja may be retired from commercial work but his printing hasn't lost a step.

I do enjoy the small sail boat photograph as well as his better known Paris images.

Could these prints be a good investment in a monetary sense?

I love Turnley's photos with their clear artistic link to the French icons of 20th century photography, but they are not of the Paris I live in which is dirty, stinking of fermenting urine, run-down, under repair, littered,graffiti covered, multiracial, homeless, and ridiculously expensive. I walked the Canal St Martin yesterday evening, and sure the young bohos were out having their picnics on one bank, but 50m away, separated by some very unromantic litter strewn water, the other bank was festooned with the tents and ramshackle constructions of the homeless streetfolk and refugees. Which all neatly links back to the recent discussion here on TOP on the Economist front cover and Weegee: a photograph really says more about what the photographer left out than what you can see and as such is intensely personal and subjective. Though I bet the prints are lovely!

I have seen Voja's prints of Peter's Paris work. They are quite special. If you enjoy The Parisians you will love the prints.

I wouldn't recommend buying them (or any photographs, really) for that reason, but it's possible they could be.


Wow, I'm really looking forward to this sale. I bought Parisians on a whim when I purchased McClellan Street, and I am so happy I did. They are both wonderful collections, very human and very moving. I particularly enjoy Parisians because I first started photography while I lived there (it's hard not to take pictures in that city!). Peter's photos really evoke the Paris I remember.

So, thank you, Peter, Voja, and Mike for making this available. I'll be ordering one for sure, more if I can swing it.

if you love peter's photographs in "parisians" you should seriously consider taking his workshop in paris. i took it back in 2005 and it inspires me to this day.

I have "Parisiens". My favorite is "Beatrice". Second would be P. 127, the little girl and the soccer ball. But the emotion shown in "Cafe, the Marais" on p. 141 is incredibly poignant. These would get my vote.

This is almost too good to be true. I have some of Voja Mitrovic's magnificent prints of Peter Turnley's marvellous work and they are stunning. Viewing photographs online is very rewarding but nothing compares to experiencing the work of a master printer close up. I have never seen any prints that could rival the beauty and quality of these.

Mike, the timing here is amazing. I ordered a brand new copy of the Peter's Paris book. This weekend I just finished reading Adam Gopnik's book, "Paris to the Moon" and today Peter's book arrives. Besides being an amazing book of photography, I find out that Adam Gopnik did the commentary. I'm saving my pennies for September. Thanks!

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