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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


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You'd be hearing this (what I have to say) a lot.

If you are impressed by Kobe Bryant, you should watch Michael Jordan clips on YouTube.

Yes, Kobe is good at Basketball, but he probably doesn't even know what Bokeh is, and probably doesn't know to open up the lens and compose the shot to create an aesthetic SHOT. Well maybe he could, but could he do it while dribbling a basketball.....I'm just sayin'.

And we pay him tens of millions to entertain us... while we lay-off teachers and musicians...and photographers... all while Rome burns down around our collective fannies.

Best off-topic post ever. This lightened up my morning considerably.

One attribute that makes Michael and Kobe special is their outstanding defensive play. Jordan won Defensive Player of the Year once, and that remains one of Bryant's goals, although both have won multiple honors for their defensive play. Playing both ends of the court is something that many modern day wannabes don't get.

And, to do both at the highest level in championship games is a whole other thing. Game 7 will either bring Kobe another step toward Michael...or not.

Whenever I look at Elliott Erwitt´s pictures, I try to remind myself that when he reached 27 (my age now) he must have already had fired the shutter a million times more than I will for my entire life.

Which means you´re in fact BETTER than Shaq because he must have shot at least a million more free-throws during his teens than you will for your entire life and you´re right there with him getting two ouf ten right!

"This lightened up my morning considerably."

Good! That's all it's here for.

A light morning to you Sir,


Nice logic Mike. A little loose, but not in a foul sorta way.

I'm a Celtics fan and am in love with Kobe. Maybe he won't be as good as Jordan; doesn't matter. Jordan isn't around any more, and I'm thankful that I get to be around to watch Kobe do his stuff.

With that said; Kobe/Lakers are GOING DOWN tomorrow. Beat L.A., Let's Go Celtics, and all that jazz.

What's basketball?

Kobe is certainly at the top of his game. But, I have also watched Bird, Jordan and Johnson. Bird and Johnson especially had this quality where if they were dominating the team was usually winning because the entire team was playing better. Jordan learned to do this later, but was not as good at it.

Kobe can be other worldly, but often at the *expense* of his team. In the previous game in this series he put on an inhuman exhibition of scoring, yet at the end of it his team was further behind than at the start.

Kobe Bryant sounds like a European shibari master to me.

Why don't you watch the World Cup, Mike? The USA are playing. Soccer.

When people talk about basketball, world cup soccer, etc. I always remember what my old swimming coach told me when I was quite young....he said, "All those other games are just for kids who CAN'T swim."

Can't ever imagine watching sports on TV as your precious life force ebbs away, bit by bit, with all those photographs yet to be taken...

I am completely mystified by basketball. None of it makes any sense to me.

You could be better than Shaq because you've never missed a free throw in the NBA.

I'm not really a basketball fan, but I did watch the finals two years ago when it was also Celtics v Lakers. I used to think the game was just about scoring two and running back to play defense. Just reverse and repeat all game long. What I never realized is just how hard those players work for those measly two or three points. No matter how spectacular or mundane, no matter how easy or difficult, the scoring play is never worth very much and it takes a lot them over the course of the game to win. This realization gave me a new appreciation for the game.

Celtics will win this Kobe or no Kobe.

Kobe? Jordan? Shaq? Who are those guys?? Pau Gasol is the man...

From a Spaniard who can net a free-throw... out of a hundred :(

If it was a better basket the ball would stay in and the game'd be over pretty quick. I too am just sayin'...

He's astonishing, but he's going down.
Watch Game 7 tonight & pay attention to Rajon Rondo; he's a free-wheeling improviser with a killer instinct & he will be back on form tonight, setting it up for Pierce, Allen & Garnett with speedy flair.

Professional basketball, to me, is so damn overhyped in the media that it nauseates me. Why? Because the teams keep hiring the tallest males available, all of whom easily jump a bit and all but toss the ball in the basket because the basket is so ridiculously low. Last week, an article in the Los Angeles Times reported that attendance at the Lakers' games is way down because of the recession and other factors. It suggested ways to improve its attendance and revenue, but it reported the team stating they won't raise the hight of the baskets "because the fans want to see tons of successful basketball drops through the nets". How foolish! What rubbish! What a boring game!

Terry: The height of the basket is fixed. It's like saying baseball would be more exciting if the bases were just 50 feet apart. Or if the soccer goal was 70 feet wide.

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