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Friday, 25 June 2010


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Arrived in Reykjavik a few hours ago, on a 4 day stopover before heading to the UK. I spent the afternoon in the city before heading out to see scenic glaciers and black basalt tomorrow! I like Tylers blog -- so far, his photos mirror my first impressions of Reykjavik.

There's a furtive, almost voyuristic quality to the images. Sort of like going through someone's trash or dirty laundry. Doesn't give the impression of a particularly welcoming place.

From what I saw, there's the makings of a nice image gallery hidden in the endless flow of uninteresting buildings in mostly bad light. There's some good and potentially good stuff in there, but it will only really shine by editing down to maybe 10-15%.

Don't get me wrong, I like images of buildings, and take many. Still, the building should have some inherent interest or the composition should create its own interest.

Many images could be greatly improved with a little post processing. For example, #128, Short_Fish, with all the detail of the primary subject lost in shadow, can be turned into quite a nice image.


The single entry blog is a good idea. I'm sure someone has tried it before but I've never seen it. And he never has to worry about what to write next! New inspiration strikes, start a new blog...

I enjoyed the photography but if he or anyone else tries it again I would have the photographs open in a new window to save the pain of waiting for the browser to reload all the images and then skip to the place I was at.

Wow. I find the consistency and strength of his vision over all 150+ pictures of essentially everyday street scenes pretty impressive. He has a very consistent eye.

Three other thoughts:

(1) I'm not sure this blog is going to increase tourist traffic to Iceland!

(2) I find the concept of a blog dedicated to a single project, that is created once and then left there forever, very appealing. If only stuff didn't have a way of disappearing from the web after a few years...

(3) Northern European skies in winter make me want to cry. Or get into bed and go to sleep. Or both.

Thanks for the tip,


A beautiful set of images.

A nice photo essay. Sometimes work like this doesn't do it for me but Tyler went and made us feel like we were along for the ride. Didn't cost a damn thing either. Thanks for the link Mike.

That statue of the cow is really twisted LOL. Those long cold nights must do something to you.

Funny that Iceland turns up twice tonight, they are an interesting mob, I wish that we were more so down here, maybe it's the climate:


Regards - Ross

My God, what a depressing place! No sunligth, all gray, argh!!!

[inspired by Moose's comment]

I can't help thinking that had these pictures been shot on film, just the hassle of having to print them would have produced a selection that would have turned a nice series into an impressive one. I am not advocating going back to film, I merely notice (or at least think) that the apparent ease of creating digital pictures requires a conscious constraint that in the film workflow happens by itself.

Spent some time looking at these photos on the Blog. A point worth considering - it is a BLOG as a whole - not "just" a series of photos - but also WORDS as well - and the combination of photos and words reflect the author/photographer's experience/s during his stay in Iceland. As such - it's not really photojournalism - it's closer to a personal photo diary of several days and hours in one place - and I find it very compelling.

There's also a subtle understated dark beauty to many of the images. We're all subjective human beings and judge things differently based on who we are and what we 'bring to the table'. But I can't help being amused by one or two people who have suggested that, with some additional post processing, some of Tyler Monson's photos could have more 'detail' in them - and thus perhaps become 'nice images'.

I have a different (admittedly personal) perspective in my own take on Tyler's images - that is that many of his pictures on the blog are moody and have tonal qualities which are actually enhanced by not doing more 'processing' - to give them additional detail or make them 'nicer'. The darkness of shadows which hide detail - is, reflects for me the experience of being in a shadowy place....where 'all is not clear'.

But it's great having different points of view.

I think the Blog is actually worth revisiting and looking at again....and again....to see how it affects one a 2nd or 3rd time.


A few matters to clarify, if I may...

I spent seven solid weeks in the computer's virtual darkroom creating these images. They are not simple, out-of-the-camera pictures. However, I try to maintain a level of verisimilitude in my work, so it is not uncommon for viewers to confuse it with 'straight' photography.

I was delighted and enchanted by Reykjavik. My grandparents came from Sweden, Scotland, and Germany; gray days and melancholy moods run through my blood. Hot, sunny days make me run away, or indoors, at least.

As for the cow statue, look up Ymir and Auðumbla in Norse mythology.

For an earlier blog-book experiment, visit:


Be advised, though, that that one has 300 pictures!


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