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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


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Peter Read Miller, Bill Frakes and the rest of the Sports Illustrated guys are pretty awesome. I typically like Robert Hanishiro's work for USA Today.

And, in a nod to former colleagues I rank with the best photojournalists out there, Mickey Welsh of the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser and Bart Boatwright of the Greenville (S.C.) News newspapers.

We have at least three top-notch photo-journalists working for the Juneau Empire here in Southeast Alaska. The one who I always run into and have talked to a bit is Michael Penn. He also does regional work for the New York Times. Nice guy, and very much into different kinds of photography if you look at his website.

Todd Heisler and Damon Winter are daily inspiration to me at the Times. Also Scott Strazzante at the Tribune, Michael Robinson Chavez at the LA Times and Jahi Chikwendiu at the Wash Post.

I nominate Carolyn Cole at the LA Times. She's fearless (and I hope I got her name right. Haven't seen her work in a while).

Let me add Jonathan Newton of the Washington Post, a sports photographer who has an eye for art as well. He's showed that sports photography can be more than "just" photojournalism--it can be beautiful and inspiring, too.

I love Jay Janner's work for the Austin American-Statesman-- he has tremendous range, and the work is always provocative. A real treat.

The local newspaper Sydsvenskan in Malmö, Sweden, where I lived until recently, has a fabulous photographer called Åsa Sjöström. Her style is instantly recognizable, and I am impressed that they have such a talented photographer at this relatively small newspaper. I didn't find any website of hers, but here is a link to the pictures she won a World Press Photo award for.

I always look out for work by Dan Chung at The Guardian.

You can find my ten things to make you a photographer here:


I am with Alex, there is no reason photographers shouldn't be better marketed, our business desperately needs a few rock stars, if only to improve conditions for us all.

It's worth mentioning Icelandic photographer RAX. He's done some great work and his name is well known, at least in his home country, and gets connected with the paper he works for, Morgunblaðið.

I nominate Bill Bresler of the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers. ; )

Back in the Sixties, Don McCullin had regular esays in The Sunday Times(UK),unless my memory has let me down. I was always struck by the strength of the compositions, despite so many of them being made in conditions most of us would refuse to go into let alone make photos in. From Biafra to Vietnam, under war and famine. Extraordinary work, though I wouldnt ever have wanted to be driven to photograph those scenes.
Cornwall UK

I've admired the work of Benjamin Benschneider in the Seattle Times ever since I moved to the area. In particular, his architectural photographs capture still moments in the life of a structure with great beauty, clarity, and conciseness, and always respect the esthetics of its architects and inhabitants.


I nominate Nick Moir of the Sydney Morning Herald. Amazing work. His bush fire images are a standout.

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