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Friday, 14 May 2010


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How many of the orders were true "study collection" orders, obtaining both the Pt/Pd and the digital versions of the same image?


Scott, I don't have an exact search for that. However, of the 93 digital prints ordered, I don't think as many as 6 were ordered alone, without being part of a Pt/digital pair.

My pt/pd print of "Pike" arrived today, and "no. 01" (if I can read Carl's writing) no less! I own other platinum prints, and have seen many more, and this is truly a thing of beauty. Thanks Carl and Mike for making this happen.

Hi David,

Re: my handwriting. Now you know why I sign on the back.

What the writing means is, "2001/2010", the creation dates of the negative and the print respectively.

Thanks for the explanation, Carl. I also sign on the back. I think I need to take a drawing class to learn how to write my own name.

Received my two prints yesterday (5/20). Expecting a longer wait, so this was a GREAT surprise. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks Carl and Mike!

My print arrived today and Wow! This just might be the motivation I needed to put my digital camera aside for a while and break out my 8x10 again...

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