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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


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I don't think bigger is better, but that thing is pretty cool and I want one=D

The guy in the video may as well be talking about a new range of dehumidifiers.

"The guy in the video may as well be talking about a new range of dehumidifiers"

Ha. Yes, that's the job. He's not the worst I've seen, by a fair margin.


Mike, can you tell us a story about the worst you've seen?

No story, in particular...the worst is probably some guy who graduates in the bottom quartile of his business school class from a low-profile college or university, takes a job with a sluggish business that's just limping along on fumes and tradition, and ends up having to give lame presentations about products he's been "trained" on but doesn't actually know anything about...numerous times, to faceless strangers. So that he can barely pay attention to what he himself is saying.

I would guess that the best presenters are the people who can keep up an appearance of interest and sincerity (or who actually HAVE interest and sincerity--they exist, too; real Chuck Westfall is one example that comes to mind; Sam Proud, who used to work for JOBO USA is another). The worst of them sort of mumble and stumble along with their immense boredom hanging out for all to see, wishing they were anywhere else but where they are.

The exemplar in my mind is a fellow who worked for a now-defunct darkroom manufacturer. As he told me about his company's new enlarger I had to help him along with various prompts and corrections. He didn't seem to want to look me in the eye, but kept looking around nervously as if he were anxious to spot his girlfriend's husband in the convention center crowd.


I think he did his job quite well. Nothing much new but he seemed to be able to highlight all the key points.

The only new thing I re-confirm is that it is a bit like F4 of Nikon - everything is out there and you do not need to go to the menu to check setting. This seems differ from other current medium format camera design. Some may not like it but I like my F4. May have to start to save a few years for it.

I've met the guy before and he's a pleasure to talk to.
I agree he covered most of the important stuff in what was obviously an impromptu video opportunity for him to share his enthusiasm for the product.
Go Dan.

I kind of liked how he seemed apologetic about that fact that it only goes to ISO 1600. That's actually the same as the Nikon D3X, which has about the same pixel density. But it's interesting how cameras like the D3 have skewed things (in a good way - I'd love a good ISO 25,600!)

Never held a medium format camera before, but I was nevertheless impressed that he easily held it in one hand, and right side up too.

that's the biggest top lcd i've ever seen

and some images

It looks like the 645D has been listed, for $10,252.00, over at Japan Exposures.



According to Japan Exposure, you are not allowed to ship lithium battery except via surface mail. I sort of note that in my post office but I did not know that it is for real. Are all dslr, evil, ... all now come without lithium battery or all are a few month late then?

Just wonder, never heard of terrorist go after cargo plane. Why this prohibition?

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