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Thursday, 06 May 2010


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Interestingly (?) I just read yesterday an article in my local daily paper about how, alone among the weeklies, "The Economist" was doing quite all right, and the article itself linked to a rather good piece by The Altlantic discussing TE vs Time and Newsweek. Maybe others would enjoy it.

Newsweek's first issue came out on my birthday! I was -44 that year.

Why is 'Newsweek' in quotes? Is it not really Newsweek that is for sale?

James Fallows of the Atlantic has, as usual, an interesting analysis of Newsweek's positioning dilemma in the magazine market:


It's proper format style for a headline. Here's a "fer instance":



I'm not a wide angle shooter, but I do appreciate Poagao's photos, which opened a distinctive view of the familiar world around me that I haven't seen.

Thanks to Poagao, and thanks to Mike.

Thanks, Frank and Mike. Yes, I have, but as I said, this doesn't have the same meaning as it might have in the heyday of these publications.

JonA - indeed, my birthday too! Except I was negative 19. Guess I have a few years on you.

Newsweek is failing because the owners decided to change the editorial direction from objective news reporting to liberal advocacy. After all, it worked so well for Air America.

Oh, wait....

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