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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


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"Extra points if you know what a Mullard valve is."

You are talking to someone who bought two new vacuum tube amps from China, on eBay. The tubes are new, made by Golden Dragon.

British English is fun.

windshield - windscreen
hood - bonnet
trunk - boot
elevator - lift
flashlight - torch
vacuum tube - valve

I have a Panasonic p&s with a dirty sensor...no idea how to clean it. 12 mpix, optical IS, 28-150 lens. Funkmon valve g mail mullardcom. 0_o.

I'm listening to a Beethoven Eroica on 78 played through a Mullard 5-10 with an original set of Mullard tubes right now . . .


I'd like to clarify on my previous post.

"I have a Panasonic p&s with a dirty sensor...no idea how to clean it. 12 mpix, optical IS, 28-150 lens. Funkmon valve g mail mullardcom. 0_o."

It's not badly dirty, just one or two spots that aren't noticeable unless you're shooting the sky. :\. I still use it as a walk around, but someone else can use it better than I.

I will have to post my list of items later. First, I need to go dig around my big box of stuff I never use. Second, I will need to consult a 4 year-old that is well versed in pig latin to help me figure out how to write my e-mail address. I think it took me about 5 minutes to figure out what "to pmave n valve kma il mullard com" was. I thought Mike had somehow made a mistake. I'm not joking.

Does this mean I'm no smarter than a SpamBot?


A hard-to-find Hoya 30.5mm yellow filter. Fits Rollei 35's. mjferron valve live mullard com

-2 diopter for Zeiss Ikon.

Now gone, sorry!

Epson 9500 with b&w inks from inkjetmall installed. Comes with service manual and loads of (matte)_ paper. Works fine. The catch: you have to pick it up from West Los Angeles

Ditto for a 7000 (whose one inkjet head may be on the blink).

Both of these are ideal for b&w, not color because at their age, color would look a bit crude (bigger dots than today). But multiple grays cover that up. And big prints never show the older tech. These older printers with less automation are ideal for custom inksets and endless tweaking for b&w. You'll need to use a RIP/driver like IJC or similar.
Epson drivers won't do. Both printers work with USB.

ant o nis photo valve ya hoo mullard com

Extra points if you know what a Mullard valve is.

Indeed. Best valves (not tubes) ever made!

British English is fun.

It's also 'proper' English, not that mangled version Americans use!

Alternatively everybody could just eBay their unwanted stuff (even for 50 cents or whatever) and have all proceeds go to TOP funds? all the infrastructure for payment and admin already exist. Just a thought.

Oooh, sounds like fun!


1) Polaroid Model 150 rollfilm camera with case, photoelectric shutter, orange filter and flash (for flashBULBS).

2) Polaroid Color Pack Model 250 with case, closeup kit, flash (bulb), W.A. and tele-converters, self-timer, and orange filter.

3-5) THREE Kodak Ektaflex Printmaker 8 processors.

As Da Mon said, free to good homes, but you pay for shipping.

ctein@pobox.com (my email address has been plastered all over cyberspace for 25 years-- a little late for anonymity on my part).

pax / Ctein

I've sent Funkmon an e-mail, I'd be interested.
But I bet once you post something you'll get a stream of e-mails incoming, also considering there's no way to edit a comment, adding a [gone] to it.
Wouldn't it be a good idea that if someone takes an item, he posts something back? That way you would have a good cycle of things going on, and probably have less of a stream, also making (a little bit more?) sure that only people respond that are really going to use it.
As a start, I have here about 15 to 20 rolls of Spector 100, 200, and 400 film. I might have more, but not sure. They expired in 2006. The downside? They are all 12-exposure rolls. Good for testing, but considering development here costs the same for 12 as for a 36, I'm never going to shoot them. It's yours for shipping, from the Netherlands (Gets kinda pricy overseas, sorry!). Pick-up possible, if you live in the Netherlands.
E-mail me at daik suk e valve gm a il mullard co m

Free to a good home:

a Minolta SRT metal body cap
55mm screw in metal lens shade
12 inch metal screw in shutter release cable

pseeker07 at g mail <.> comMUNITY

Esoteric, rare, and of no use to me:

* Slide-on diopter holder for Leicaflex SL (I think for Leicaflex Standard but not for Leicaflex SL2) The holder contains a custom made diopter lens that is +2.5, although the diopter is engraved -1.0. I can give you the name of the guy in Michigan that made the lens for me. It wasn't cheap! He was referred by Leica New Jersey.

* E. Leitz series 5.5 G filter (green)
* E. Leitz series 5.5 Y filter (yellow)
* B+W 39E KR15 filter - for shooting tungsten film in daylight
* B+W 55E 099 filter - infrared spectrum filter I believe

Everything is in excellent condition. Do your own Google research. I've just given you all the information I have on these items.

Shipping will be from New Zealand, so you'll be paying a bit more to get these "free" goods.

Contact Jim Simmons - jim valve nzpov mullard com

Thanks to Mike for this excellent idea! Too lazy for ebay these days, but happy to help out fellow TOP readers.

"Caveat emptor ("buyer beware") applies. "Seller beware" too, although I don't know the Latin for that.'

Of course you do. Caveat vendor.

I've got a couple emails for my camera already, so consider it off the market right now.

Repeat - Panasonic 12 megapixel P&S with dirty sensor gone.

To a good home, hopefully.

Humpday today, but POETS day is not far away (P*ss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday)

Here, 'P*ss off' means go home, leave work. Just to confuse matters, I once had to explain to my American boss that when something is p*ssed, I mean it is not straight and level, not that it is angry.

Like Steve said, proper English! : )

Roger Bradbury

For donation: a B&W enlarger, Besseler 45MXT (I think). Estimate 20 years old, not used for 5 years. It's yours for a reasonable cash donation to Mike's TOP coffers, and the cost of shipping: caveat, it's big and bloody heavy, so I recommend pick up in person. Philadelphia suburbs. I'll throw in the rest of the darkroom gear I have, too. Couple of lenses, trays, safe light, etc.

Just a few days ago, I reminded myself to put all this stuff on eBay. I'll try Mike's proposal first. First come. . . .

Donor makes no warranty, guarantee, nor promise customer satisfaction, accepts no liability whatsoever, and offers no return policy. Enjoy!

Oh, and Mike, I also have a Dyna FM3 tube tuner I'll happily donate to you, or any other tubehead on this list (again, donation to Mike, and shipping costs wherever). It's not photographic, but last time I fired it up, it had a rare working tuning tube, so it "writes in light" with impressive inefficiency for a supposed audio device:-)

Found in bottom of Sleigh: Nikon Film Cassette (as new in shopworn box) ... only for someone who knows what it is ... SantasImage via MacDotCom

Consider the film to be off the market too for now!

OK, how about this; I have an actual photograph to give away. You can view the image here:


Print size is 8x12, matte finish, and mounted on black Gatorboard. This is one of several I had printed and mounted for an exhibit with a local photo club. I have a larger version at home already, so now that the exhibit is over, this one is just sitting on a shelf. You pay shipping from Canada to your neck of the woods.

Contact me at: ch ris_sheppard valve ns mullard symp atico mullard ca. Or just use the email link at the above site if you have as much trouble translating this as I had writing it.


Although I appreciate the sentiment, I think this feature should really be for "free to a good home" items only, if you don't mind--i.e. no donation to TOP required.

But thanks for the thought.


P.S. And thanks for the kind offer of the Dyna tuner, but we have no jazz stations left in Milwaukee. Nothing on the radio here. :-(

I love this! I have a Canon BP-200 AA Battery Pack/Vertical Grip for Rebel 2000 to give away. I had never used it.

francimalo valve hotmail mullard com


Oooh, this could be fun. Are trades allowed? If not, just delete this post, if they are, well then...

Will trade my original Pen-EE half frame for something just as interesting. Works perfectly except the meter is in-op but if you use it in aperture priority with a working knowledge of the sunny-16 rule you're good to go. I'd be interested in a toy cam, ie, Vivitar Slim & Wide, a working Diana (no Lomography junk please), that sort of thing.

We each pay shipping to get to the other persons address so that would make this a Canada (where I am) to USA kinda thing only.

raupp dot photo at some gmail type place.


Oops. Duly noted. Apologies for any awkwardness.

Mike: move to Philadelphia. We have great radio here (although I never use the FM3 for grabbing it). Jazz and Classical fare aplenty. WRTI. Supposedly, the first photograph in America was achieved in Philly (according to a blue tourist information sign I've noticed somewhere in Center City). See--I'm hewing to photographic subject matter.


How about an "I am looking for a free X" day?

I am dearly tempted to offer the contents of my basement... nearly.


I see your basement and raise you the contents of my garage!

On a more serious note, one thought crossed my mind as I wrote my offer above. How about a "TOP Print Exchange" day? Trade one of your prins for one from another reader.


I have a Pentax SMC 50mm 1.7 lens, K mount "M" series with 49mm filter threads. glass and coatings clean, aperture ring and blades snappy and positive, focusing ring smooth and well damped. Generally great cosmetic shape and feel

All I ask is that you pay shipping and make good use of it..

cra igso ars valve g mail mullet com

Sorry to be off topic but I can't resist.
Regarding the POETS (P*ss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday) post by Roger;
I work as a software engineer for banks and today I had a longer issue with some international payment messages which all contained POETS as part of their identifiers. I've been wondering what that stands for ever since. Now I know ;-) as tomorrow is a day off here

Minolta body cap
Metal lens hood
and cable release on their way to NY

I'd like to offer a fully working Ricoh 500 ME film camera. It is in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition and comes with original lens cap and the original manual:


Featurewise, it is roughly the same as the Olympus 35 RC, thus a fully featured compact rangefinder camera. It surpasses the RC 35 in that it is even lighter (380g!), has *metered manual", multiple exposure mode (hence the name), battery check and shutter lock. It is the successor of the Ricoh 500 GX and is a relatively rare camera with a pretty good lens.

The camera can be used completely without batteries, which are only needed for the meter and automatic aperture selection. Batteries are easy to get in the form of Weincell 675. The camera could use some new light seals and also some adjustment of rangefinder (both easy to do).

Free shipping to anywhere in Germany. Outside Germany please check the international fees at www.dhl.de/en.html

Will ship on Friday 21th May (as I am currently traveling, so please be patient - I will answer every mail)

freddy mullard schi ller valve ya hoo mullard de

PS: in terms of trades: if someone has a spare XA2 or XA3 ... ;)

TOP Print Exchange day sounds like a really good plan!

Ricoh 500 ME offer: correction of email address:

Sorry, in the post above I gave the wrong email, it ends with "com" rather than "de":

freddy mullet schi ller valve ya hoo mullet com

Mike, you gave away the "Good Ol' Nikkor"? Well, if you're not using it then better that someone else will make good use of it, especially since it is AI'd.

I love this idea. I'd offer up some things but I'm at work and I don't know off-hand what I have that is in good shape. Most of my unused stuff came from an estate auction where the owner kept the cameras in a barn in the humidity of the Southeastern US. At the time I didn't know to look for fungus on the lenses but the camera bodies are mostly in fantastic shape. So most of my "free" stuff isn't in good shape. Makes me sad to have an excellent condition Zeiss Contaflex with a fungused, non-detachable lens!

Patrick Snook,
you wouldn't happen to have some 127 or 620 spools, would you? Or 127 tanks and reels, for that matter?

I have a bunch of basic how to books. People just keep giving them to me!

Nikon SLR Cameras - Carl Shipman
Take Better Photographs - Michael Busselle
The ABC's of Picture-taking Ease with the Canon T-series and A-series cameras - Ben Simmons (Coffee stains on bottom right corner)
The Book of Photography - John Hedgecoe (First edition, third printing)
The Nikon Image - Ed Rooney, ed.
The Photographer's Manual - John Freeman (2004)

Life Library of Photography (Time-Life)
The Great Themes
Light and Film
The Print
The Camera
Special Problems
Travel Photography
Photography as a Tool

The Complete Guide to Framing - Jenny Rodwell and George Short
Frames and Framing - Gerald F. Laird and Louise Meière Dunn

Free for local pickup (Los Angeles Basin), or recipient pays shipping (between $2-4 for domestic media mail) through Paypal.

rai zan sval vehotm ailmull etcom

Great idea Mike!

All I have is a old Vivitar 80-210 f3.8 Macro (multi-mount) or whatever they called it. Been sitting in my drawer for 30 years.

You want it you get it. Charlie@63images.com

Dear Mike,

College of San Mateo's public radio station, KCSM (http://kcsm.org/jazz91/listen.php) is all jazz, 24-hours a day, commercial free (but they are in a pledge drive right now, so be afraid).

Best station in all of known space.

Click the high-speed streaming link on the page, and you'll download a tiny file -- kcsm-kcsm-sc64.pls. Double-click that file and it will launch iTunes and you'll be off and listenin'.

Go rock (ahem) out!

pax / Ctein

I like this idea! I'm tempted to write the whole comment in "mullard speak"... nah. :)

I've been trying to get rid of what I think is a squeeze-bulb style shutter release. I got it in a lot. Seems to work ok, but I have no idea what it may fit and no way to test it. Photos here.

I also have a Sakar lens in what I believe to be a Minolta mount. I'll get photos if anyone is interested.

contact: bre ischl valve gmail mullard com

Photo is gone.


You can listen to WRTI on the web. I listen to it on my radio; great programming.


Free for shipping:

Yashica FX-3 Super SLR and three lenses: 50/2, 50/1.9 and 75-150mm. The body's seals and faux-leather covering are crumbling, but mirror and shutter function and battery compartment is clean.

A Tokina 75-150mm "one-touch" zoom for Nikon, Ai w/ prong. Some spidery fungus lines under the front element, sometimes hitchy focus action (as if there are detents).

Box Ilford Gold Fibre Silk 50 minus 1 or 2 sheets.

I'll play as well....

4 filters, all Minolta branded, all 55mm, red, orange, yellow, and green. Remember when we used these to shoot B&W film?

Some accessories for Sunpak flash; I used them with a 120J (now sold). Two remote cords (EXT-10) that connect dedicated camera module to flash. Two interface modules, both for Minolta cameras, but also worked with R-series Leica SLRs.

I'll even spring for shipping!

Davidsrosen valve mind spring mullard com

And I love the idea of a print exchange!

aizan - I tried sending you an email regarding the books. If you did not receive it will you please send one to me...

wob bet valve wobb et mullard com

Vivitar 80-210 Adaptall lens is gone to Tim Arizona.

The Pentax SMC M 50mm 1.7 has been claimed by Travis Slagle, who I'm assured will be using it to photograph his newborn daughter upon arrival.

Psst. Robert E. Email address. I'm so interested.


(Gosh, I hope this comment works. iPhones hate commenting on TOP.)

What an opportunity... sadly, no-one would want my junk, nor to pay for shipping from the Antipodes.

Mike, a suggestion - make this a monthly thing, perchance, with a weeks' notice so that we can all get our, umm, 'stuff' together? :)

God, yes. I love this stuff. There are whole websites (that I'm a member of) devoted to book exchanges.

Photography is sometimes just as disposable. For example, a lot of people get new cameras every year, and judging by craigslist, many of these people have boxes upon boxes of stuff they try to sell for too much money.

I tossed my Panasonic P&S because I don't really need it, and some other people are doing cool projects that I could never do with things like this.

I've asked for a few things because I need them, or want to try them out. Next time, due to general acquiring of photojunk, I'm sure I'll have something else I'd like someone to have, and I'm sure that someone else will have a film scanner or Zuiko 50mm 1.8 I could use that he has no use for.

It's pretty exciting.

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