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Saturday, 29 May 2010


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One of my all-time favorite actors.
A sample of some of his photography can be seen http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-05-29/dennis-hopper-artist-and-daredevil-remembered-by-caroline-graham/?cid=hp:mainpromo3" target="_blank">at this link.

I am very saddened to learn of Dennis Hopper's passing. It is hard to accept that we won't get to see new work from him. I lived in Venice, Ca in the 70's, and did a lot of street photography in the area. One day, on the boardwalk, a guy who seemed strangely familiar walked by, turned, and looked at me with intense eyes and a mischievous grin, and asked if I'd "gotten any good pictures today". I replied something like "yes, I think so", and he gave me an understanding nod, and walked on.

I later realized that guy was Dennis Hopper. He will be missed, and his great films and art work should be celebrated.

I know little of his photography, but he was certainly one of the few actors who consistently raised the quality of the films he appeared in, even if they were otherwise rubbish (yes, I'm thinking of Space Truckers and Waterworld).

I too am saddened by his loss. I mean this guy had real substance. He is one the few people living ( and now dead) that I would want to have dinner with. I did just look to see if my book of DH photos was the out of print $600 one. It isn't but the one I have: DH: A System of Moments is also very good. It is out of print too. When I recently watched GIANT I realized that two of the young actors, DH and James Dean were renaissance men - one who didn't live long enough to fully develop and the other who did.

It's occurred to me that Dennis Hopper was to film acting as Lewis Baltz was to photography.

His "Photojournalist" role in Apocalypse Now is one of my favourite great performances.

Did anyone ever make a documentary about this little known photographers work?

Favorite Dennis Hopper moment:

Took my then girlfriend, now wife, home to meet my mom, who had decided to plan a relaxing evening with a movie on her VHS player. "I love horse movies," she said, and we all shifted awkwardly through Blue Velvet, or, as I like to call it, "Dennis Hopper learns a new word and tries it out."

He was a guy you could hang out with was the impression I always got, and I'm saddened by his death. Seems the originals are thinning out. RIP.

and he was a Republican too! http://pajamasmedia.com/rogerlsimon/2010/05/29/dennis-hopper-the-hippest-american-bikes-off/
what more can anyone say?

Dennis Hopper. The bell tolls again for a true American who built the Sixties.

Rest in peace, man.

So many memories - he did indeed enliven any film that was lucky enough to have him in the cast list. Ironic that the last two films I saw him in feaured him as Death/Grim Reaper (Palermo Shooting) and a man kissed by his estranged wife (played by Debbie Harry) at the moment of dying (Elegy).

"The movie "Easy Rider," which Hopper directed and co-wrote, and in which he co-starred, took in $50 million in 1969, when a typical movie ticket cost $1.25."
I saw it 4 times within 12 months of release - that film was the saviour of cinema for a whole generation.

More Dennis Hopper photography at this link along with some quotes of his thoughts on photography.


Lots of great stuff at that blog.

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