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Friday, 30 April 2010


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I ordered a print (actually two: one platinum, one inkjet) via PayPal last Sunday, and I have received no confirmation. Should I be concerned?



Barry, no need for concern at all. You are right in the database. Especially Sunday it was all I could do to carefully enter data as the orders came in. The email order followed by mail or PayPal payment has been working perfectly.

I don't think anyone needs to worry, but now that things have slowed down let's do this. If you are concerned, send me an email with "Confirmation" in the subject line. I will make sure you are in the database and reply immediately.

Thanks so much, Carl, I feel better now. I am looking forward to the prints.


Oh, yeah. That's what I meant to do today. Well, yesterday, I guess.

Player, this is a photography blog. Leave your irrelevant political crap at home.

And my thanks to Carl. Early in the week I had a little "issue" with my PayPal password, and Carl was very kind in bearing with me, over the exchange of a short series of emails.

Thanks Carl. And Mike, for hosting the print sale: I'm looking forward to viewing prints directly, rather than through the muddle of a computer monitor.

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