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Sunday, 04 April 2010


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Off to take a walk around Boston with the Oly E-PL1 + 17mm f/2.8 (+ OVF). Sunny, yet not too hot around here, which makes for great walking-around photography weather.

Enjoy your GF1 today, Mike. Your work at TOP is done and you deserve a walk in the doggie park ;-)

Today, the city of Los Angeles turns 160 years old.

Angelinos would beg to differ. The "birthday" of Los Angeles is generally recognized as 4 September 1781, which is when the original Pueblo was founded by settlers from Mission San Gabriel. 4 April 1850 was the date of incorporation as a municipality in California, and isn't seen as an important date.

Happy Easter.

And thank you for reminding me of Pride in the Name of Love.

An interesting consideration of Roman Vishniac in to day's Times:


Off for a long walk myself today: D2X and 85/1.8. A sunny day in Vancouver.

Hope you have a good day, too, Mike, and all.

Saw Muddy Waters in a medium size club back in the late 70's. James Cotton and Matt "Guitar" Murphy were part of the band. Had seen James many times before and Matt is probably best known for playing with the Blues Brothers. You might remember his bit with Aretha Franklin in the Blues Brothers movie. Cool thing about those guys, stars as they were is that they would play anywhere with anybody. Matt would play local clubs in my hometown area with lesser known bands. At break he'd come over with a beer and play a round or two of pinball with us before heading back on stage. These blues stars were down home folk. Not a snotty elitist among them.

Of the last 5 posts 4 have absolutely nothing to do with photography. I think I'm going to unsubscribe now.

Happy Easter, Mike!
It's nice here in Serbia too. I hope you'll have good light, too.
Христос Воскресе!

And it is my son´s birthday.


I had a fine old day, thanks. Out and about in Northamptonshire, just driving about, and if I spotted something worth photographing great, but if not I just didn't care. It was sunny and fairly warm, and even the badly timed cloud, the one that waits until you've framed the shot just so before obscuring the sun for a quarter of an hour, didn't even slightly annoy me.

I ended up in Althorp Church, where I had a long talk with the keyholder about the church and was shown a coat of arms carved onto a pew end belonging to the ancestors of a certain Mr G. Washington; three stars, five stripes.

I got home about an hour ago, limping, my dodgy foot hurting like hell because I kept stopping to take pix when I should have given up and gone home, but I'll do exactly the same next time.


After a brutal winter in which the Epson 3880 I was going to buy had to become a Toro 826 snow thrower, I am glad to report the glacier in the front yard has finally disappeared.
I half expected to find the remains of a mammoth in there but no, just a mummified ground squirrel.
We are having an absolutely fantastic day up here in the Loess Hills of western Iowa.
My son and his family are home from school and he brought a Ziatype kit from Bostwick and Sullivan and has been teaching me the ways of this form of palladium printing.
Pulled out some old 4x5 negatives and they don't look half bad, especially considering this is a first attempt with this process.
After church a big meal out here on the farm and now four generations of my family are sawing logs in the living room. Perfect.
Hope you are all having an equally nice day.

Ritz...from what I hear... they stiffed Nikon for 15 or 20 mil depending on who you talk to.....must be why the price increase...and Canon for a like amount. oh well... maybe we will get back the old local camera store, remember them?

I assume you know that H. Edward Roberts died 2 days ago? See http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/03/business/03roberts.html, for example.
From Albuquerque,

Okay, I just read the previous post. Obviously you DID already know. Never was great at reading ahead before reacting...

It was a perfect day here in Montreal. Took my camera for a walk and enjoyed the light.
Keep up the OT posts. I read this blog because I feel like I get to know the people who contribute to it. Then when you, or Ctein, or any of your other regular columnists makes a point about photography I know what your frame of reference is, and therefore what your opinion might mean to me.
YMMV, and to each their own, but I intend to re-new when my subscription comes up!

What a surprise this post was! A very nice way of sprinkling some salt and pepper over a decidedly lazy Sunday.
Even more, I'm glad that you found again your cheerful voice (well, writting) which I started to miss after all those news of photo theft, equipment blunders and the assorted stuff.
Welcome back, happy Mike!

I still love Don Imus going back to his DJ days in the 70's in NYC.
My buddy had a customize van back in the 80's called the Captains Cab and looked similar to this. Happy Easter

Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed on April 4th, 1968.

This tragedy overshadowed another event of that same day: the launch of Apollo 6, the second and last unmanned test flight of the Saturn V rocket. The vehicle experienced a 30 second period of severe pogo oscillations (longitudinal vibrations) which resulted in some structural failures and the premature shutdown of two engines. The causes were determined and the next Saturn V launch, in December 1968, took Apollo 8 with astronauts Borman, Lovell and Anders on mankind's first flight to the moon.

On a photographic note, we regularly see 16mm film footage from remote cameras in Apollo 6 (and 4), showing the jettison of the first stage and the interstage ring, intercut into footage of the launch of Apollo 11. That film had to be recovered from the cameras that re-entered the atmosphere and parachuted to the ocean. What a feat.

It's tomb-sweeping day in Taiwan, a national holiday. I am at home going through photos instead of actually sweeping tombs.

Mike, keep up the good work. As I siad in an email earlier last week, maybe the camera manufacturers are just pulling in the reins on introductions, especially DSLRs in an effort to bolster their bottom lines. More is not Better.

Your line about Ritz/Wolf camera makes it sound as though they are closing 300 more stores. You did not use the past tense or insert a date in the Easter Day comment.

By the way, they "stiffed" Nikon for $26.6 million and Canon for $13.7 million. That is why they do not have Canon product to sell now. It is my understanding that the Canon inventory they had was secured through a consignment agreement and Canon was able to repossess all current stock in the stores and warehouse when the bankruptcy was filed. Nikon, on the other hand stayed with them in hopes of some recovery. And the Nikon inventory was not under consignment. That is what I was told.

Hope your Easter Day weather was as pleasant in Wisconsin as our was here in Tennessee.....

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