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Sunday, 28 March 2010


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Impressive image!

Sushi; sashimi? Mike Johnston, who wouldah thunk it.

I sarcase, I apologize. You have excellent taste in restaurants; their menu made me hungry.

The sushi counter as the 21st c. publican house. Meet and connect over a tasty slice of tuna.

Glad to hear that someone is too busy to open an 8k camera box. Nice image, and though this is a Photo site, made me think of being on two wheeled machines ... soon.

I blather ...

You're right in how you say, "the guy from away always has a bit of an edge on the locals." Common thing I see happening in my demographic. I guess you could look at in these terms, some times its easier to hire outside than company than it is to promote within.

In academia, medicine : An expert was a guy with slides who came from 50 miles away. The updated version is a Powerpoint presentation.
The minimum distance is key.

There's more than one way to be a "New York guy."
oh clever! i may have to think about this.

I recently heard that one of my industrial clients (who often use more than one photographer) hired someone from Mumbai (the New York of India, in a way) for an assignment and paid her more for one assignment than they've paid me all my work with them - and the photos are frankly horrible!

So you are saying photography is all the same, photographers mere competent - or not - technicians? What about style, personality [as expressed in photos]?

Perhaps they had worked with the English photographer before and they understood each other.
We have large American corporations in Ireland who insist in importing their office furniture from America. Like there are no office furniture manufacturers in Europe ?
Nope. Its "The devil you know rather than the devil you don't " syndrome, probably.

That is a damn cool picture and an excellent embodiment of the HD image...


Maybe the photographer all the way from England saved them money,and gave them a more stylish edge than the locals?

Nature lover

We comedians (or, mechanical and electrical industrial maintenance men) used to say, "Expert; ex as in has-been, spurt as in a drip under pressure"

Roger Bradbury

It's the 'expert from afar' syndrome. We've all run in to it. You see, if you are a stranger that our company had to pay a lot of money to, then you MUST know more than just about everyone else, and so we'll listen to you. Of course, there's always some guy at our company who's shaking his head, because he's told us the exact same thing... but no one listens to him because he's just the guy we work with. Not the expert from afar.

It's a sign of power and status within an ad agency to get your client to send you to art direct a job half a world away, or even to work remotely with, say, Nadav Kander instead of Joe Schmoe. You can laugh, but working with international talent helps qualify you for international work.

Even if it's a stupid waste.

In the early days of Vonage, I almost got me a New York phone number through them. I was doing contracts for a couple of New York financial clients and a Boston photographic client at the time, it might have been useful.

I know what ObiJohn is talking about. It happens here at our company quite often. What's really funny though, is that our company has from time to time hired one of the "experts from afar" as a full time employee and lo and behold that expert loses his expert status almost immediately and I don't think any one of them ever saw it coming.

Rob Griffin

Way back in 1994 I was taking a photography class at the local community college in Royal Oak, Michaigan(OCC). The highlight of the class , for me, was taking a tour of the Midcoast studio.

Seeing the lighting set ups with the huge cycloramas, flying flats and the like,was awe inspiring to me as a student. The friendliness of the photographers was greatly appreciated as they explained the ways and techniques of their craft and answered our, sometimes, unprofound questions.

I hope they read this post. Just my way of saying thank you to Midcoast Studio.


That restaurant could easily become one of my favorites, if it wasn't a few thousand miles away.

Mind you - maybe you could scoop a few free meals there if you offer to fill in the 14 missing menu photos :)

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