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Saturday, 27 March 2010


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I've had this set since it was first released and it is indeed magnificent! I'm actually surprised that it is still available, let alone at a discount! And I'm definitely skeptical that the cardboard sleeve it comes wrapped in should be called a "slipcase"

Yay, tis good to have my opinion of the set confirmed. I've had it for a while and rate it highly. Surprised that it is available at a discount though!

what a beautiful camera.

oh, and the books like nice, too.

I've followed your example, and found it in the UK for 98 GB Pounds. That is 98 GB Pounds more than I had planned to spend at the end of this long financial month with short finances. I've weighed whether it is your influence, or my weakness, and have decided it is your fault. So thanks a lot: a good buy, and someone to blame, all in one package.

I bought stock in amazon soon after reading that Mike had delivery of his new bookcase.

The Wise Silence! You once mentioned what a profound spiritual experience you discovered with this book, been always watching out to see if I can find a copy though it has always been above my personal price limit. Great pity because I´m always attracted to the spiritual side in life and I feel I´m to missing out on something very profound!

The Weimar era is extraordinarily fascinating. The party before the storm, so to speak. I feel sorry for all those people who were just trying to live their own lives and were destroyed by the Nazis.

The slipcase looks like brown cardboard. Is it acid free?

Those old slr's are really beautiful.

Very nice too, and if I could spare a ton (£100) I'd have 'em. Very tempting.

Talking of temptation, now you've got seventy two smackeroos you didn't expect to have. You gonna buy another book or two? : )

What is that gizmo on top of the Pentax? It looks like a lightmeter, but why would you need one? It also looks like the camera was last used with B & W film.

The camera is actually a user and in extremely fine fettle. It was in good cosmetic condition when I bought it and it's had a complete rebuild from the mirrorbox out. The stopdown meter actually works, but I prefer the Voigt VCII. The lens is a Super-Multi-Coated Takumar.


I want to talk about the Spotmatic. That was my first real camera, imported by Honeywell. I had the 50/1.8. I bought it in 1968 for $200. My mother gave me the sales tax, after I saved that amount from a paper route.

My step-father lived through the Depression, and when I asked for it, he went ballistic. I mean, you could buy a Kodak for $14.95. To make matters worse, my mother's brother went to Japan, and bought my cousin a Minolta SRT101 and 50/1.4 as a gift. I went nuts - he just handed it to her, after I was berated.

Interesting. Amazon *used* to have a 30-day price drop guarantee, which is why I bought my last camera from them (and got a nice $100 refund 30 days later). Guess I won't be doing that again...

Is that a yellow filter on the Takumar? Makes me want to shoot black and white.

Mike-Just saw Amazon now has the books back to $122.85, glad you put them in line. :-) When I read the former price you stated I thought "Gee, I paid 120 something dollars for that set". Great set, great photographer. BTW, Amazon prices have really seemed to have gone haywire the last week. In my items to buy later section some books have jumped in price 40 or 50 percent or more, not just the usual few dollars. Then a few days after back down in price to what is was or very close.

I've ordered the 7 volume set too.
However I feel a little cheated.
The 1400 pages sounded good until
I found out,judging from your article,
that half the pages are in all effect


A lovely camera. Glad to hear that it's in such good nick.

I've got a copy somewhere of the first photo magazine I ever had, an early 70s copy of the English Photo Technique. It's just full of adverts for the Spotmatic and its contemporaries. Every time I see the black version of the camera I think of those ads.


Oy! Mike you're killin' me here. So I had to spend too much money to get this! But it was cheaper even than the paperback edition Amazon listed.

Just drop more than that for the Jim Marshall books you mentioned via your links. Cannot do that any more, even though I looked at those pictures in the net and indeed quite a number of it I have seen somewhere somehow. I think I have to sell my M8 to finance this book recommendations.

If you cannot take good picture, buy some!

In the issue of Poetry I received today, Adam Kirsch has three poems written as responses to Sander photographs. The photos appear side by side their respective poems and a brief interview follows.

They are nice reading if your interest runs that way.

I bought my set 3-4 years ago, at a price that sounds like the present "discount" price, through either Amazon or B&N. The pictures cover more than just the Weimar years, since they stretch from the late 1890s to just after WW II. I reviewed parts with a German friend whose father had been a country schoolteacher before the war, and sure enough, we found a "country schoolteacher" who captured that past perfectly.


...and you wonder where Moe's hair stylist got his inspiration.

Looks a good bit like Bill Gates too. (And there's some as thinks Windows isn't exactly evidence to the contrary either....)

For people coming to Cologne (Germany): The Photographische Sammlung (Photography Collection/SK Cultural Foundation), which is displaying works from Bernd und Hilla Becher at the moment, has a few of the sets left for the discounted price of 128 EUR, as does the Buchhandlung Walter Koenig. I had a chat with the owner last week and he told me that it is officially out of print at the publisher now and once the remaining discounted ones are gone it will be available here only for the official price of 200+ EUR, if at all.

He also expressed a similar sentiment as you did: This one is probably not coming back.

I just bought mine and have not spent any real time with it, but my first impressions are great.


I had heard of Sander and seen some of his portraits on TV a long time ago. I had seen one or two books with some of the portraits, but the quality and size were not really good enough for the price. Buying the whole set at the time was too expensive. When I read your post I realised the price must have come down a lot, used the amazon link that you provided and the set arrived today. I am looking forward to dipping into this for a long time to come, thanks for the tip!

BTW When I got the different volumes out of the box I was alarmed by the sound of paper being torn. Fortunately it was just a result of the covers, having been pressed together, coming apart, no harm done.

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