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Monday, 29 March 2010


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*Sigh*, well, you know what they say also, "Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society."

My new tax secret: no income=no taxes. I wish someone would have told me before. The joys of back to school and student loans at 34.

First I read that as
"Poor and content rich, is rich enough."

...but riches fineless is as poor as winter to him that ever fears he shall be poor.
So buck up.

You might be even poorer soon... Jeff Ascough just let a bird fly from its NDA cage: he's testing an unnamed *new* digital rangefinder. Obviously, even saying the name of the manufacturer was forbidden.

Every year I promise myself to complete my taxes in early March. Well, it's the 29th and I have yet to start; however, I did make some nice prints last night

Mike, you gotta stay under 200-250 thousand a year. Nowadays you get punished for being successful.

"Mike, you gotta stay under 200-250 thousand a year."


I'll try to remember that!!


Dear Player,

Thanks for establishing the bar; I will not ever have to worry about being successful! [g]

You've gotten me thinking, though (be afraid, be very afraid)...

I hear self-entitled plutocrats complain all the time about how they get punished for being successful (by which they almost always mean money). I almost never hear them say that they chose to make less money because the punishment was too onerous. They whine and complain no end, but it doesn't stop them from deciding the two bucks is better than one.

If this really is punishment, it seems to have very little deterrence value.

Which argues that the punishment is insufficient.

Just sayin' ...

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lol Ctein, I AM afraid, very afraid.

BTW, if you ever become "successful" [wink wink], there are many ways of keeping declared income under 200-250k: innovation and entrepreneurship still lives [s]. Don't mess with us real Americans.

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