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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


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Another great Obit. for The Great Marshall. Jim introduced me to the fact that concert photography could be Art. I was a teenager and can still remember seeing Jim Morrison staring down the lens while inhaling his cigarette. Jim Marshall was the first and only music photographer whose name I've remembered.

Perhaps someone (I am not qualified) would care to expand the small Wikipedia stub on Jim Marshall -

Jim Marshall Wikipedia

Tom, thanks for the note. Mike, thanks for being such a great place for the note.


Dear Tom,

"irreconcilable and invidious utterances"

Goddamn, how I wish I had written that. I bow in the presence of a master.

I saw that Leica the last time I was at Jim's. Meant to ask him about it, but he was in a hurry. But 99% of the time he was in a hurry.

A meta-observation: I have been quite struck by the large number of TOP readers who knew Jim. I don't mean merely saw him somewhere or got a book signed by him; I mean had some kind of substantial interaction with him, either once or over a long period. My sense of it is that it's a remarkable number (well, I am remarking on it, anyway). Most famous photographers, alive or dead, who get discussed here don't get anywhere near that number of such postings. Or that's my impression. Could be sampling bias; maybe I'm just noticing in this case...

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My pleasure Michael. Tom's piece was actually written and submitted as a comment to Ctein's obituary. It just seemed like a shame to "bury" it in the comments to a days-old post, where relatively few people would see it, so, with Tom's kind permission and cooperation, I converted it into a post in its own right.

I would say that happens maybe...eight times a year on average, just as a very rough estimate. The last time was a one written by Joe Cameron, if memory serves.


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