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Friday, 26 March 2010


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I discovered Proof in a used book store before I ever knew who Jim Marshall was and I bought it right then. Since that day it has become one of my favorite books and one that I look through often. Suprisingly enough, Amazon has copies in stock as of this morning.

Thanks for that. I had the wrong link. Fixed now.


Well I´m quite lucky I´ve got a first edition "Not Fade Away" the first photo book I ever purchased once I began photographing in a pretty intensive way.
For those who feel he really wasn´t anything special they should take a look at the backstage images of Janis Joplin in "Not Fade Away" I find them pretty haunting and you can see to what degree his subjects trusted him.

I have a copy of 'Proof'. Great book.

I love looking at contact sheets. It's interesting to see what led up to THE shot. I've learned a lot by looking at them.

Interestingly, sometimes the winner shows up very early in the roll. There is a famous shot of Cash getting off the bus at Folsom prison. Apparently Marshall snapped it as a warm up. In the end it was his final pick.

Mike, I suspect we'll see a reprint of Not Fade Away sometime soon. Artist deaths seem to jolt music/book publishers into action often enough.

I see the Internet is filled with inexpensive used copies of Proof -- just snagged a copy. It'll be a nice companion to my growing collection of books that feature contact sheets -- Contact Sheet, for example and The Met's new Robert Frank's The Americans. Sam Abell's The Life of a Photograph is a bit like these two, since he shows facing pages of similar images from the same shoot, one of which (usually) was published.

Dear Mike,

Signed copies of all three of the older books were available at not-unreasonable prices from


I'm saying "were" because the site is closed for orders while Nick, Dave and Amelia figure out the future, and I don't know what availability/pricing will be like when they reopen. But I'm sure there must be some copies; Jim always had piles of them in his living room.

Of course, I never got copies from him-- more procrastination. I gotta stop do that! (Maybe tomorrow...)

I realize it's going to be it frustrating for people, these repeated pointers to a "closed during alterations" store. I'll try to keep on top of this and when I hear that marshallphoto.com is open for business again, I'll let Mike know and he can post an item about it.

pax / Ctein

"Monterey Pop", available through used booksellers, is another book fans of his music photos should pick up. With excellent text by Joel Selvin, the book is one of the best records of the seminal 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. Unfortunately the book suffers from mediocre reproduction and terrible layout. I'd love to see the book updated and redesigned for the 50th anniversary of the event.

Just curious Mike...Did you ask permission to put up the Hendrix photo a few months ago? Or did you send Jim a few bucks in the mail?

Nope. But you had to be real careful with him!


Just received The Contact Sheet from AMMO books yesterday, which I have immediately order on the date TOP mentioned it. I opened it fully expected that to be Ctein's book and prints as I have not ordered anything flat in shape for the last 2 months. But it turns out is this book which I forget I have ordered completely.

I guess this time, because many of these books are mentioned here, I would have to hope a) it is available and b) it would take less time.

But seems very good books to have.

OK I have an Amazon order for "Trust" on the way. Those music icons of the 60's and 70's will never be duplicated I'm afraid. Today's music ain't got the same soul. (neither did Bob Seger but that's a story for another day.)

Had a 40% off at borders coupon I had to use. Just bought Match Prints. Kind of a fun book. Haven't had a chance to give it a real look as I've only had it a couple of hours. Really wanted Harald Mante's 'Photography Unplugged' but ran across the Marshall and White book and decided to pick it up instead.

I bought a copy of Not Fade Away when it came out. I was happy to find a book of Jim's photography. I loved the candidness of the photos. Jim was always one of my favorite photographers. You could look at the credits on an album or magazine and confirm what you already reconized as his style. The artists seemed so relaxed and open around him I don't think that is possible today. I caught part of "Woodstock" on TV the other day and as they were shooting backstage I noticed Jim and it brought a smile to my face. He was truly one of the best.

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