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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


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I remember Galella from my youth and still love his results. His methods which seemed humorous and entertaining at the time, are giving photographers a somewhat negative image today. I accidently confronted Pierce Brosnan and his family in a restaurant and my camera was on the table. He stopped and considered his next move. I pushed the camera to the other side of the table. He gave that ladies first motion and his wife and two young daughters walked right by me and into the restaurant.as he passed my second favorite 007 put his hand on my should and said "thanks man". much better than a punch in the face or a restraining order. But of course that's not how I make my living.

David: I commend you on the restrain you showed not trying to make a quick buck off him. I never understood the need to harass public figures, maybe because I'm not easily star struck, just catching a glimpse of whoever they might be is enough for me. I've been working with local tv celebrities most of my life, and some big soap opera's stars, and I figure they don't wan't to be bothered when they are not onstage. By the way, Pierce Brosnan is my favorite Bond so far.

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