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Saturday, 13 February 2010


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Ouch... Looks like a nice Century studio camera and stand. The bellows are even in better condition than mine. What a waste!


I love the Steampunk look, cameras and computers. How can I not love this?

Now if only my pocketbook were in love with its price. Oh well...

But is it Art? (just kidding)

Man, why didn't you say you like steampunk stuff? :) Now, even if it's not a portrait camera:

An eight feet tall computer case.

A mockup of a steampunk workstation and a steampunk flatbed scanner.

A Victorian all-in-one PC. Kinda steampunk iMac. :) But it's particularly attractive.

And 17 steampunk computer mods, including some of those mentioned above.

There's such stuff galore. There are even steampunk USB drives. I don't think Messrs. Gibson and Sterling knew what would happen when they wrote Difference Engine.

My God!

I have one of these beautiful Century 1's looking for a stand and this fellow goes and mucks it up with a computer? It's not even ergonomically suitable for working! A hanging offense in my book... but his neck is already crooked from looking at that display.

Very good but I do hope that a genuine antique piece of photographic kit wasn't butchered to make it!

Interesting idea, but I wish they could take a picture worthy of the camera/desk they are trying to depict.


You're right, I do. And $5,000 actually seems like a pretty fair price. But I'm REALLY attracted to that keyboard...


I'm not sure whether to love it or hate it. I mean, it looks like a perfectly good bellows!

Heck, I thought he had made a digital back for it ;>)


That is so Cool!

That's pretty cool--very Victorian. Here's my object of desire: a midcentury-modern PC


If they have to restore it, why not restore it as a camera?

I'd rather see someone taking pictures with that cool old camera...

Oh, that's wonderful! (Now the room around it needs to be re-done...)

A lovely studio portrait camera which was so well made that it lasted a for over a century.

It is now fitted with a computer keyboard and a display that might last half-way through the current decade.

Beautiful! Where's the Apple?

I really really do not "get" the whole steampunk thing. And why use a studio camera to mount a monitor in it? Seems like a total waste of a historical object...

Another case of make something look like something else. Waste of resources both camera and computer. Like fake stone cladding on a plywood house. Cheesy.

"More power, Igor"
"Yeth, Marther"

Why should I or anyone else love this? It's hideous for functionality and design. Maybe good for an internet cafe.

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