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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


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Thanks for that link.

No books?
Isn't his book, "The Valley" still available?
Also, "Evidence" has just been reissued.


"Not a single piece of Evidence (his 1st significant work as a photographer) was shot by him". Excuse me but I thought people who chose other people's photographs for publication were editors. He chooses the anonymously industrial from corporate and government files which he then publishes. For this is considered a great photographer? Sigh.

Yes, unfortunate choice of words. They should have said "his first significant photographic work, which he edited."

He was quite a photographer, though, no question about that.


"The Valley" is out of print, although Photo-Eye seems to think they're getting some more--probably an overstock stash from somewhere. You can still find cheap copies of it on Amazon Marketplace. And the 2003 reprint of "Evidence" is gone now, as far as I know.


I would love to own "Pictures from Home." I hope it gets reprinted soon; more people need to see what he left us

I was at SFMOMA a couple of weeks ago and they had several copies of "Evidence" out on the display table, so I assumed it had been reprinted again. Maybe it was a rediscovered batch of the 2003 edition. Amazon shows "The Valley" as "In Stock" today.


I hope someone reissues Pictures From Home. PDN did a feature on him last year. Unfortunately, the web version only includes a single photo from the magazine spread: http://www.pdnonline.com/pdn/content_display/esearch/e3i6d1d0dca12d81bc422845bc0b31a6f03

If you're writing off Evidence just due to the concept, you're missing a pivotal book in the evolution of modern photography. Along with Ed Ruscha's work, Evidence is interesting in both an art history context, and just purely photographically. If you are at all a fan of the "head scratcher" -- images that make you say "WTF?" then you will love this book.

I was in art school in 1992 when I saw the "Pictures from Home" exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Modern Art. It blew me away. I immediately went out and started photographing my family and old neighborhood in a vain attempt at capturing the melancholic spirit of that show. My signed copy of "Pictures from Home" is one my most prized photography books.

Mike: go find a copy of The Valley, straightaway. It’s hilariously disturbing, moreso when compared to Pictures from Home.

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