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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


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Are the people this camera is aimed at really interested in scene modes? Really?

Say goodbye to square-shouldered dynax 7d design, welcome to the nikon d90/canon 50d crossbreed...

Pretty disappointing. I liked how the previous Sony dSLRs looked different. Now it seems that their marketing department has decided that their cameras have to look like everybody else's... :(

Kevin, sure thing. We don't know exactly where this camera will slot in, but, it'll probably be close to the D90, which also has scene modes.

You can't please all the photographers all the time. The question is, "Is this the camera that A700 owners will replace their camera with?". As well, will it attract it attract new photographers to the alpha system? Sony appears to be segmenting the DSLR market into $100 increments.

Why are you speaking Welsh?

Was the title supposed to be C*m*r* P*rn? Or is your title a texting dialect?

I hope this is just a mock-up, as I can't stand the redundant labelling of "HD AVCHD" on this one, and the inconsistent labelling of the consumer-oriented model (there are shots of that camera and this one side-by-side out on the 'net) as "AVCHD HD".

Really, "AVCHD" is enough for us to understand that it's HD. If Sony disagrees, they could at least add the redundant HD in a consistent spot!

This mock-up is one of the shoddiest illustrations I've seen. I thought the mock-ups that they show at PMA are physical bodies without real stuff inside.


Mike, please put Sony in touch with Jesse Speer.

Having eliminated every visible numeral from the camera body, Sony is now picking off the buttons, one by one. When they're done, they'll wind up with ... a Canon. I'm dismayed. At least they gave us an on-off switch at the shutter button, where we can turn it off accidentally. That's the only switch you really need, isn't it?

The good news is, my KM 7D and A700 do everything I need a camera to do, and there's the A850 still out there to yearn for.

Well, some commenters here must have some special future vision or something. I'll reserve my judgement on function and ergonomics for when I hold one in my hand. Even the final consumer design cannot be fully sussed out with just this one image of a mock up.
I do agree that the on off switch looks troublesome but, I think this is a common switch and; Does it cause problems on other brands? (Probably, mostly it does not or, not anymore than accidental switching off of the slider switch on the back of the A700?)
And I did like the funky slightly retro (but very ergonomic) A700 look. Wished they kept that as part of the higher end Alpha industrial design "brand" but, Sony is a company in Japan not Germany.

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