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Friday, 19 February 2010


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Since this post is about money, I think it's worth noting that at B&H the XSi with the kit lens starts $10 bucks cheaper than the XS, making the XS' rebate a bit less of a deal by comparison.

Then again, not everyone would want the XSi (I probably would, between these two models. It's advantages can be quickly Googled.)

A quick tip for anyone picking up the kit with the 75-300. Image quality is vastly improved by simply destroying the 75-300 and drawing the scene before you with crayons.

Nikon D3000, similar spec camera, with lens is $479 at B&H. So, not sure what you are saying.

I'm sorry to see you accepting the advertisers game of calling $499 the sub $500 category. What if it was $499.95.

Don't pillory me for trying to turn a buck or two. February is a thin month.


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