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Sunday, 10 January 2010


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I came across these last night and agree. They're amazingly excellent. They were all taken with a Canon A650 and I doubt he could have taken such candid shots with a big SLR.

Also, check out the photo of the guy with the rig that holds two point and shoots. Apparently some sort of 3D apparatus.

Did you say tourists in times square with cameras?


I think I'm handling the night shift on that one

Nice work there! Personally, I'm fascinated watching people take pictures. (In a place like Times Square it's hard to grab a frame that doesn't feature someone taking a snap!)

The sample you chose for this article seems classically happy. Everyone's pretty much positioned and expressioned as you would position them in a studio!

No comments. Weird. Must be because I'm up un the middle of the night. Photographs of people taking photographs. I like that and I'll check it out later when my eyes are unglued.

Photographs about people buying photographs. I'll go for that too.

I wonder what that guy with the double camera-camera was up to?

Those are some seriously fun photographs. Great post!

Recollecting my time living in New York, I can only express admiration for a man who not only managed to free up his elbows sufficiently to raise a camera in Times Square, but also took some fine shots before a cab mowed him down.

Great photos - I love the one of the couple kissing, while at the same time, she's taking a photo of it! Brilliant! Might have to try more of this myself!

Stereoscope-man looks like Alex Majoli.

This makes a very good point. Photography is a joyful activity, it can bring people together and it can record memories both happy and sad. And it can make insiders out of outsiders - the tourist, for example. All too often in the forums, at least, people just "talk it death" rather than express the joy they get from the activity of photography and I DO think all that talking does detract from the joy. Consider this...have you ever given a kid a camera? Or gotten one when you were a kid? Remember the expression, the happiness, that they (you) showed when they (you) received the camera? You were opening up a new world by giving the gift of a camera - or you had a new world opened up to you with that gift. That is expressed in these snapshots. Also, I think that deep down, each time we purchase a new camera, lens, etc. We are subconciously expanding our world, mentally opening up to the new possibilities which lay ahead and are encompassed in the potential of the equipment. This is an excellent reminder that you can just sit and rehash old topics or you can get out there and take new photos!

"They were all taken with a Canon A650 and I doubt he could have taken such candid shots with a big SLR."

That's not necessarily true. I have used both an A650 and a 5D for street candids. You'd be amazed how few people in a noisy, busy place notice even a 5D with 28-300 lens plastered to my face and pointing in their direction. Others do notice, but don't care - maybe people do in other parts of the country, but not in NY, NY

I took many candid shots in Brooklyn, mostly at the Atlantic Antic street fair. As in Times Square, the sensory load seems to mean lots of things are ignored.


The A650 can be frustrating to use for street candids, as there is noticeable AF/shutter delay, making it hard to hit the decisive moment. I've not tried setting manual focus to hyperfocal distance. that should help. I do like it for casual candids in places like cafes, where things are more leisurely.

Picture taking engages people's attention even more. The scenic qualities were great, but not enough to keep this couple from putting their full attention on getting a good snap of themselves. This is one of three shots I took of them in an uncrowded place. The image of them chimping themselves is pretty good, but this is the winner. (Notice they carry both DSLR and P&S.)

Damn, We're Pretty

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