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Sunday, 10 January 2010


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FWIW, I'd love to know about how you are going about building your collection. I already want to see the print you traded in exchange for putting up information about Paul Mobley's workshop (were I in America, I'd be up for it).

Would that be something (a) that might interest you, or would it (b) just be tiresome?

I choose answer (a)

"Do people want to know what prints I'm adding to my collection, and what I think of them?"
I sure do!

It would be interesting to see what exactly attracted you to a particular photo. And of course, the info about the photographer etc.


An "Added to the Collection" feature would be wonderful. I've been curious since reading your 2010 resolution.

- Rob

Please tell us all about the prints you acquire, it will be a natural extension to the education that TOP provides.

Cheers, Robin

Heck go for it. This is your blog, I guess we're (I'm) reading it for your views.

Keep up the good work.


I think it would be an extremely interesting series of posts. I for one, would care and already crave for your first analysis.

I just wrote my first comment here in several years that I've been visiting daily. I'm that interested.

Un saludo from Spain.

Yes, we very much want to know what prints you're adding and what your motivation was when choosing this particular one!

Mike, great idea - and not at all tiresome. It would be great to read the progress of the collection and to view the images as they are added. Be nice to include a shot of the collection as displayed at your place too. Gives us all insight into how someone displays thier collection.

Please, tell us about the prints in your collection, their back story, and why you like them!
Whether a photographed is liked or not is so, so subjective. It's always interesting to hear exactly why someone likes it.

Please do. I'm all eyes.

John Wright


I'm curious about what prints you collect, by whatever method, so put one check in the "Added to Collection" box.

Paul Mobley is one of the best photographers working today. His workshops are amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend it. You will learn more in one week than a year in photo school. He's a really nice guy too. Love the Farmer book.

I've always been fascinated by farming, and will have a close look at that book.
In the future, I'd love to know what you add to your collection and why.

I'd find "added to the collection" posts interesting. I have no intention of collecting prints,but I'm always interested in what you have to say about photographs and photographers--"added to the collection" would be more of that.

Hi Mike. Yes, I think that publishing the collection and related stories would be quite interesting and it might prompt other people to start their own.


Mike, your book reviews are one of the best aspects of the site so I make the assumption that your observations on the additions to your collection would be equally interesting.

I may get jealous, but I promise to be polite about it. I'd love to hear how the collection goes!

sounds like a good idea to me...

I'm not a collector of prints - don't have enough space to even show those of mine that I like. I don't collect books either, but rather buy for inspiration (at least that's what I tell my wife when another postal delivery arrives). But I would be interested in hearing/seeing what attracts you to an image. So, please do.


Another vote for listing and details. Looking forward to it.

Another yay vote for what and why. It's why I read the blog, as equipment is fun, but the what and why and who is the TOP.

Another vote for option (a). I too would enjoy seeing what and how you assemble your print collection.

Of course. I'm always interested in your views.

I'm sensing a trend developing here....


I would enjoy it very much.


As one who has never even tried to build a coherent collection, I'd love to hear about how it is done. It's a mystery to me.

pax / Ctein

Yes. Please tell us, and why you chose it.

Please, do it...Grix

Do people want to know what prints I'm adding to my collection, and what I think of them?


I'll sure look forward to your choices.

It's a very clever idea. Such recurring posts could widen the perspective of our thinking about photography. As humans, we are what we eat. As photogrphy lovers, we are what we buy (or trade for).

Maybe it's the way you worded the question. Maybe it's that nay-sayers stay away, but a good idea. It's one thing to say a print is good and has all these virtues, but it's another to actually buy it, meaning the print had a connection with the viewer (you) that took it a step farther. This would be particularly of value from someone (you) who has a real history and depth of exposure to photography. It might help a little in understanding why one print/photograph that is very good doesn't compel a purchase, while another that is said to be equally good does!


Please,do it.I am sure it is a very interesting collection.

No, don't want to see 'em. Your tastes sucks!

Seriously, I would enjoy seeing your choices.

As for American Farmer, I bought it when it first was released. Amazing collection of images and stories, shot in many different ways with different "looks." Highly recommended.

Absolutely! after all this is a PHOTOGRAPHY
site.Bottom line, for every one who enjoys your site its the PHOTOGRAPH.


I would be interested to know who you considered interesting enough to actually hang on your wall. I've already discovered a few people through T.O.P., more is better.

"...giving details about the picture, ........ how I found them, how I acquired the print, the quality of the print, and so forth..."

Mike, I will join the ranks of those very interested in recurring posts on new additions to your collection of prints. But I am MUCH more interested in what moves you - in a personal way - to want each image than I am the details you listed above. They should be included, of course, but your insight is why most of us read TOP. I can imagine something like Szarkowski's Looking at Photographs.

Bring it on!

Make that one more vote for "Added to the Collection."

"do people want to know what prints I'm adding to my collection, and what I think of them?"


Wanting to see additions to your collection is a foregone conclusion. What I would also like to see (to add my vote) is why that photograph and why that photographer.

Yes please... and tell us all... with how it was printed..paper, inks, borders everything that makes it worth while and of course the image....thanks for asking us

"Do people want to know what prints I'm adding to my collection, and what I think of them?"

Yes, I would love to!


How could this ever be so?!?

Bring it on, I say.

"Would that be something that might interest you"


On second thought...print offer????

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