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Friday, 01 January 2010


Happy New Year to you, Mike, and to all TOP readers.

Thank you Mike, Happy New Year to you and yours too and may I add above all a healthy New Year!

And thanks for the many good reads.

Right back at you. :-)

Here's a little gallery of New Year celebrations at Reuters.

happy new year!

Happy New Year from The Netherlands Mike!!

Same to you Mike. Thanks for all your help to my photography last year!


Happy new year to you, too Mike, and to TOPers everywhere!

And to you and Zander as well...

I think the coolest NYE stuff lately has been the red bull guys doing downright stupid jumps. This year it was Tony Pastrana jumping a rally car 270 feet to a barge out in long beach.


Happy New Year to you.

Happy New Year Mike! TOP continues to be my best source of photographic inspiration on the web. Hope you continue the excellent work in 2010.


Happy New Year to you and Zander.
I thank you daily for "The Online Photographer", may it bring you a prosperous year.


Date: January 1, 2010
From: Written By The Light
To: The Online Photographer

Here's wishing you and the T.O.P. brain trust a Happy New Year and prosperous 2010! Keep it coming.


Thanks, Mike! A happy and healthy new year to you and your family, and best of luck in all your endeavors.

A propsperous, peaceful New Year to all- particularly to those worldwide who can't afford the luxury of camera equipment.

Happy New Year to you Mike and Zander too! I hope it was a great day for you both. Let's hope 2010 brings us all a better year than 2009.

And don't forget we get into it a lot earlier than you folks:
Have a great new decade everyone and thanks heaps Mike, ctein and all the gang for sharing with all your never-ending quest for the meaning of photography.

I mist admit I was late to the TOP party as I only stumbled across it in 2009, but I thank you for all your efforts. As meager thanks, you get my very best wished for a 2010 that will bring you wonderful times.

Happy New Year Mike. You have turned out to be well worth $6 per quarter ;-).

Dave Kee

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