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Wednesday, 06 January 2010


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Nicely done. An inspiration for every photographer.


Thank you. Peter, for this honest and humble account. you are inspiring and I hope you will continue to walk with your eyes up and your heart open.


Great words, thanks for posting.

Peter, Paris misses you! Your thoughts and hopes for the future are always inspiring, especilly in this day and age. Looking forward to seeing you again very soon. Nanette

Thank you Mike, and of course thank you, Peter. It was most interesting read.

This article resonated with me up to the 10th paragraph, whereupon it left me gaping, open-mouthed.

Thank you,what a wonderful diversion from such utter nonsense as who has the better camera.It was like a breath of fresh air blowing the dust off my digital heart.May
Peter Turnley enjoy a long and prosperous life and continue to share it with the rest of us.
Danny Chatham


Thanks for bringing Peter onboard for this article. Peter, thank you for translating a bit of your Photography soul into words for us.

All the best for the future,


Wonderful ... inspiring.

Thank you Peter,

You've taught me that there is so much more to photography than most people realize. You've put into words what it is all about for me. Secondly for you to be able to blend the photojournalist and artist in you is something truly unique and inspiring. To capture the greatest events of the last generation and still find the beauty in the streets of everyday life is what I appreciate most about your work.

Jason Zinn

Unbelievable. To be able to read such a story. Here on TOP. We are so privileged.

To Mike: Thank you for using your blog to share such such an inspiring and humbling message with your readers.

To Peter: Thank you for taking the time to share your passion and your sense of humanity.

Who CARES about what kind of camera is used! This post talks to us about the wonder, the passion, the commitment, and the light. Thanks again to you both.


This is such a wonderful story. Not only can the man shoot, but he can WRITE. Makes you want to leave the office and take to the road.

Huw Morgan

Wow. Not only a gifted photographer but an eloquent writer, too.

"Andre Kertesz spoke to me on the balcony of my garret apartment on the Ile de la Cite about the importance of understanding light in photography."

My heart aches with envy...

- Rob

Peter's inspiring essay reminds us that what makes a great photograph (or picture of any kind) is the author's identification with the subject - not the medium used or the technology harnessed to accomplish it. No one remembers a picture because of the number of pixels (or the brand of film) involved in its creation!

This should be required reading for every aspiring photographer. Peter, I knew you could shoot with the best of them, but your writing makes me think maybe you should look down once in a while to bless us with a little more of it along the way.
Best wishes,

In an effort to find out how he originally found the opportunities in Fort Wayne and California I found the unabridged version of what he wrote here. Fills in some of the holes.

Incredible essay Peter. The gift of photography is indeed the moments we experience while trying to capture moments for others to experience. Keep up the good work!

Truly inspiring Peter. Whenever I read your words and view your images I am over and over again amazed at your passion for photography.I have watched you. I have listened to you. I consider myself most fortunate that I have discovered someone I can look up to in the field of photography.

Thanks, Peter and Mike for this beautiful and inspiring story.

Wow. I wish I could have said that. It is certainly how I feel, even if my life experiences are different in detail (although not in spirit).

"I remember vividly the mass protest marches in Paris when the Russians entered Poland in 1981."
Sorry, you got that wrong. In 1981 the communist regime in Poland imposed the martial law, and that's what sparked international protests. It happened without direct Russian involvement (although Russian forces were stationed in Poland throughout the cold war period).

Lovely story. So inspirational. The power and joy of photography comes shining through.

truly inspiring!!! thank you, peter.

Beautifully written. You are so fortunate to have witnessed history with such intensity. Your images have that rare quality of speaking to what you have seen.

This is a wonderful follow through on the presentation of your images.

Mike this is an unusually good post . It would be great if we could hear from Peter from time to time.

"It would be great if we could hear from Peter from time to time."

We'll work on that.


Thank you for your time and thoughts, Peter! I've enjoyed following your career.

Fantastic read and wonderful insight into the heart of a magnificient photographer. Thank you for writing about the emotions and thoughts of a caring premier visual artist.

Written with such a graceful heart which obviously reflects his graceful approach to all his photography. The links in the timeline are perfect and read like song. I would love to meet you someday in the napa valley where I live. I do have a studio big enough for a workshop surrounded by vineyards, hmmmm>??????? Call if you are interested.

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