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Monday, 14 December 2009


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Very sad news. Larry Sultan is a photographer familiar to us in Chicago. He's been featured in several exhibitions at the Art Institute during the past few years and has visited here for such events. Ironically, just last week I visited the home of a fellow in D.C. who had a print of Sultan's "Mom on Green Wall..", which I was admiring.

I don't know anything about what type of cancer overtook Larry but I wonder if his wife, Kelly, framed that shot as she did for a reason.

Very sad.

i am just totally sad! He was a wonderfull person. we will miss him forever!

Very sad news indeed.

Sad news that a great one is gone.
Excellent that he is paid this tribute here.
Larry Sultan is among my top ten "How would they have looked at this"? photograhers, when I need such inspiration.

I've seen that picture of the Dad sitting on the bed... I think I have it in a book but not sure which one?

Sad news indeed. I just became aquainted with Larry's work through on the the photography documentaries recently shown on the Ovation channel. It featured Larry and his dad talking about his photo's of his parents, among many others of his work. He will be missed.


I looked at how the photograph was framed, with the "No Smoking" international symbol.

My mother buried two husbands. My father died of lung cancer at 52. Then, my step-father had a massive heart attack. In the ER, the assigned cardiologist walked up to his gurney and asked "do you smoke?" He weakly nodded "yes."

"You don't anymore," was the immediate reply.

Larry was such a fine photographer. I really liked him. It makes me very sad to hear about his death.

Dear Larry, we will be missing you. It is such an early age, though you chose to go. May you be blessed on your new way. And thank you for all the wonderful inspirations and affects you gave me, and so many others during our time at the San Francisco Art Institute. Grateful for having gotten your open mind, your attention, thank you. Way to see, way to be.

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