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Thursday, 31 December 2009


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Sorry to hear you lack the Oprah effect.

But, thanks for giving us some great reading on this site during the last year.

Happy and healthy new year.

I am a proud owner of one of these fine volumes (Photo:Box) received as a Christmas gift presumably through your link (which I provided with my wishlist upon being asked to come up with one).

I've also got some new books you didnt recommend (c'mon, Mike, can't you make a comprehensive recommendations list of EVERY GOOD+ ("good" or better) photo picture book as well as photo technique book ever written? It seems scandalous that Eggleston's Guide isn't on your latest list of recommendations (I can't claim to be sure you've never recommended it).

Any list that is not 100% thorough is useless. Heck, ideally you'd review and rate (I know how you love ratings systems) every photo-related book ever printed and not just lazily limit yourself to ones you recommend.

We don't expect a lot from you here at TOP, so I don't feel like this is much at all to ask.

(To be sincere for a moment, your reviews, descriptions, and recommendations are always very helpful to me not to mention being quite interesting in their own right. Thank you for the continual dedication and hard work)


I just got the most wonderful idea! Buy one each of these 10 books and store them carefully away for, say, 30 years, and ...

[Anyway, Happy New Year! Reading T.O.P. is always one of the highlights of my day. I'm very pleased that I was even able to make a couple of contributions.]


Thanks. And you know, it's kind of interesting, but only two of these books would possibly qualify as "investment grade"--nos. 3 and 5. And maybe not them. None of the rest are likely to be the kind of thing that would appreciate....


Personally, I'm curious about jpegs, but I can't tell without holding it whether I would find it gimmicky or revealing. It's such a departure from "standard" photography that, for me, it's hard to judge over the web - whereas when I can see web reproductions, and have the assurances of someone I trust on picture quality, I feel like I know what I'm going to get from a more traditional photo book.

Happy New Year, Mike. Thanks for everything.

Good point Evan, and completely understood. I need to write a post about the perils of book buying on the internet. I've been burned a time or two.


"...a base ten kinda guy."

You know what they say. There are 10 kinds of people in the world -- those who think in binary, and those who don't.

Happy New Year!

It seems plainly obvious to me that book number 7 is highly collectible!!! Well. Maybe I'm biased.....

Seriously though, Thank you Michael....and fellow readers.

Kirk Tuck

Thanks for turning me on to "What The Duck" Quacks me up.... sorry

I did buy the sharpening book too and want Kirk Tucks book, but so many books so few moments to read.

Many thanks for recommending The Printed Picture, from which I have learnt so much. A beautiful book, but a consistently interesting one too.

Thanks for posting the excellent list. I only had #1 - a great book - so I went and ordered #3 and #9.

I ordered two other books at the same time: "Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision" by David DuChemin and "Saul Leiter" by
Max Kozloff.

Thanks for bringing up great books on photography.

Numbers 9 and 10 are now in my possession via St. Nick and I'm happy to say so far TOP's comments on them have proven correct. :)

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