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Monday, 16 November 2009


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Picking nits:

1. I venture to guess that this will remain the standard monograph on Bravo for some time to come... It really helped me "get" Bravo.

Get the man's work, maybe. Get the man's surname right, not quite. "Alvarez Bravo", not just "Bravo". "Alvarez" being presumably his father's surname, "Bravo" his mother's, more hispanico.

2. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: his photographic work would probably be irrelevant, were it not for for its connexion with his painting, which is among the most significant in European Expressionism. Just to realize the sheer photographic volume of such an "unphotographic" painter is staggering. The book should be seen in the light of his painting, and maybe in this light only.

I'm always happy to be corrected, Chris, thanks.


Mike: Your reaction to Kirchner's book mirrored my response to Gary Stochl's On City Streets - Chicago 1964-2004. Maybe I expected too much because the period was virtually the same as my working career in downtown Chicago, but Stochl's bland, impersonal images evoke nothing that I can relate to of the city that I love.

Dave Kee

I'm yet to be dissapointed by Steidl. But then I only have four of their books, The Americans, Saul Leiters Early Colour, Alec Soths Sleeping By The Mississippi and Niagara. I'm just flipping through their print catalogue and have my eye on America and the Tintype by Steven Kasher. Wouldn't mind Robert Franks, Peru.

Alas, I'm just window shopping. It's my wife's birthday on Saturday and If I bought a book now it'd be thrown at me.

I was flipping through Photobox just the other day in a bookshop and liked it, against expectations. That and the MAB monograph are now on the Amazon shopping list. Thanks.

Interesting, and something I didn't know about Rockwell. Reginald Marsh's photos look like his paintings, really early "street photography".

"My favorite photographs by a painter..."

My favorite photographs by a painter are by Lartigue, but then I've never seen any of his paintings.

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