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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


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Congratulations Mike!, on your fourth anniversary. And "thankyou" for all the enjoyment and education that your great site offers. Also, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. God bless!


I keep wondering when your next birthday is.

You see, if you type "The Online Photographer" into a Google search field, you only get as far as "the onli" before Google suggests The Online Photographer as first choice, exactly one above The Online Bible (and three above The Online Candy Shop). When you follow this, one of the top hits is always "The Online Photographer Turns One."

Anyway, enough rambling and happy birthday.


Chief Artificial Coffee Creamer Officer* - I see you're a Dilbert subscriber Mike!

My brother is living in the US for a year, and I think he might be willing to bring me home a nice lens for Christmas. I'll make sure to buy it through your links, once I work up the courage to commit to it...

Happy thanksgiving to you, and here's to the next four years :)

Potty trained and *still* not potty-mouthed!
Happy birthday TOP.

Happy birthday, Mike!

Thanks for curating such a lovely website!

I'm glad to be a supporter and subscriber, but I haven't had much need to buy anything photographic this past year. Pretty much have everything I want.

However, after reading this post, a little lightbulb went on over my head. Maybe I don't buy much from B&H right now, but we (I, my family and business associates) do buy a lot of stuff for other purposes through Amazon. Everything from computer equipment to auto parts to farm supplies.

Call me dumb, but it just never occurred to me that you could get credit for all that stuff if we used your link.

Is that correct? Is that the way your agreement with Amazon works? If so, there may be other "dummies" like me who just never thought to do that. I know that I will now if TOP benefits from it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I must admit that I am amazed at the fact that the purchase rate for readers here is less than 10%, even given the economy.

Nature Lover

My Motto: Pancake whatsa pancake?

By the way love the Jpeg: my kinda processing. Although coulda been a little cooler.

Thank-you very much.

"it just never occurred to me that you could get credit for all that stuff if we used your link. Is that correct? Is that the way your agreement with Amazon works?"

Yes indeedy. Anything you buy from Amazon, a few pence go into my pocket as long as you go there from TOP's link when you order and buy.



Happy Birthday TOP and thank you Mike. When my wife objects to me buying photo equipment, I tell her I'm helping to support a friend in Wisconsin! How can she deny me the pleasure of helping a fellow human being?

"When my wife objects to me buying photo equipment, I tell her I'm helping to support a friend in Wisconsin! How can she deny me the pleasure of helping a fellow human being?"

Egg-ZACKLY. That's the idea!


Mike, PRPE*

*Photo-Related Purchase Enabler

Many happy returns, Mike, Ctein and all the other contributors, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you from London.

Farthings to you, Mike!
Dollars, too!

Congratulations and thanks Mike, Ctein, and everyone else who helps make this the best (or at least my favorite) photography blog in history.

I'm happy to continue to support your efforts in any way I can, even if it means I have to buy myself something that my wife strongly feels I do not deserve.

Congratulations on a successful and worthwhile endeavor.
All the best in the future!

I love the detail in the painted muslin backrop but do think the artist could have used better colour correction for his flourescent studio lighting.

Life running The Online Photographer obviously suits you as you are looking better than ever in your latest picture.
And if that hottie has a sister I'm moving to America!

I would have bet more than a farthing, at least a groat on you making four years. Well done. I recommend your site to lots of other snappers.

I have come to the conclusion that the internet too easily becomes a black hole for time, so I have tried discipline myself to only spending time at worthwhile sites. Happy Birthday to one of the very few sites (addressing any topic) that I check daily.

Fantastic and much appreciated effort, Mike.
If I was richer I'd subscribe at a higher rate as this is far better than any printed photo magazine.
(Sorry to say that in my opinion 'Black and White Photography' magazine here in the UK isn't half as interesting as it used to be, coincidentally, before you left, and the only other periodical worth looking over every few weeks is the British Journal of Photography. In fact I think it would be true to say that photo magazines in general are increasingly samey and simpering towards their principal advertisers and utterley overlook the really interesting things, particularly, for example, in user experience and software).
Sorry, went a bit off track, suffice to say that you really are providing a great source of er.. technotainment, funducation, edufunment, dusted with poigniancy, worth every penny.
Kind regards, Mark Walker

Happy Birthday Mike. Now you are off the potty and toddling here's to many more.

Just bought a $2k+ monitor through your link. Thanks for all you do.....

I'm a recent convert to your blog, Mike. Your style is refreshing compared to how other photography-related websites treat the subject (IE, measuring the amount of milliseconds a camera takes to turn on and focussing obsessively on lens sharpness).

I hope you'll be able to continue for many more years.

Best website on photography ever! I've followed you writing since the Sunday Morning Photographer. May you keep on for four more years!

Congratulations Mike. You provide us with something we should all be thankful for.

May we all have our great white squirrels to chase.


Hey Mike, I've asked everyone on my blog to buy ME a book through one of your links. So you get your Amazon pence and I get books. That should work right? ;)

Happy Birthday, Mike: congratulations for a job well done, and for making your passion so transparent to readers.

I know this is little compliment, but let me say that there are two reference photography sites I visit at least once per day. TOP is one of them, since I discovered it.

(The other, in case someone cares, is www.dslrmagazine.com, in Spanish, and no, I have no relationship with its author, in any way).

Well done Mike, just keep going, because you also help keep me going.
Thanks also to Ctein and Carl Weese, as well as the TOP 'staff' of thousands.
By the way, what does it feel like to be Four Again ?

With best wishes

Mike, I just subscribed to your site. I can't imagine doing that at any other blog. Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday TOP


Thanks for this online miracle

Ordered Christmas presents for myself (Joe McNally's books!) from Amazon through your link. I wish your site many more years of continued success!

Happy Birthday Mike,
I don't post often, but do read daily TOP ! Living in Paris, I don't use Amazon or others related sites as I have the luck to have everything at my doorstep, but I promise I'll find a way to subscribe for this fourth year... As, after the "potty training", I suspect the toddler will start exploring the world... !

Ah now we can look forward to "The Terrible Fives" (the sequel to "The Terrible Twos") :) Happy B-day TOP

Congratulations and thank you for a great daily read. I try to link through your site for all of my amazon purchases so hopefully it has benefitted your efforts a bit.:)

Thought I might indulge in a little personal Christmas shopping and remember you mention a book called Truth/Beauty a while ago (feb this year), it was about $40 at the time, its is going for $245 now! Should have taken your advice at the time it was given.

Many Happy Returns Mike! The cake is in the post...

Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for an informative and entertaining website. I am a regular visitor and glad to contribute what I hope is my fair share to the tip jar.
As my daughter would say, you are "keepin' it real".

Congrats, Mike. I did as I was told and just bought myself an Amazon present. Here's to your fourth anniversary!

Best to you Mike. Here's hoping you can go on forever, never having to fall on your knife. Love ya!

Congratulations Mike, and many thanks.

TOP has played a major role in my education as a photographer. Reading your blog is like listening to a great friend. A pleasure.

Thank you again, and best wishes for you and your family.

Happy 4th Birthday!!

You persuaded me Mike. I really do need that new Blu-ray player after all. Hope a little benefit comes your way.

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