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Tuesday, 03 November 2009


With the different contrast, hue, crop etc. of the overall image I don't know what it is I'm supposed to notice in particular about Ringo's head?

And why did RS flip it?

"I don't know what it is I'm supposed to notice in particular about Ringo's head?"

Just that it's in a different place relative to George's head.


Nice photo-essay Mike, really enjoyed it. Thankyou.

Great post! I had a good laugh when imagining those harddrive stored folded in 2 halves. Yeah, the negative is the only real backup!

The Rolling STone photo definitely was flipped. Look at Paul's thumb.

In a way, those two covers encapsulate where editorial photography has been and where it is now....

I'm just sayin',


C'mon -- the other photos are great, but that Beatles one is so formulaic - everything that was bad about so many cover photos - looks like the awful Dave Clark Five or Hermans Hermits were trying to look - way over art/agent-directed - there are plenty of good Beatles pix but that's not one of them. Just compare it to the Mantle one for a start or good jazz photography or almost anything.

I think John Domini´s picture of the leopard killing a baboon is the best ever of such a confrontaion. You can see it on page 220-221 in The Best of LIFE. How can you avoid to mention it when you write about John?

You people actually expect someone to know which name goes with which face in that photo? Wow. I finally figured out what you were talking about by working backwards from the description of the differences.

...Because that one wasn't in the show.

That's actually probably John's most famous picture, come to that.

About that one, he said he just waited and waited, "flies encrusting your face" or words to that effect. He talked (amusingly) about how a lot of photography is just waiting.


"You people actually expect someone to know which name goes with which face in that photo?"

You mean we expect people to know which Beatle is which? Well, actually...yes. I think that's something most people do know. They were rather famous, you know....


Oh, I love the Donner Pass photograph! I can sorta understand how he feels about it compared to the one that "wasn't much, as a photograph" (but obviously still a very important one).

I have The Great Life Photographers; what a really great book. Pretty good deal for what it is too.

Does Art have those lakescapes online some place?

Fair enough that Ringo's head was moved in a bit on the 2004 shot, as in the 1964 cover it looks like his head was pasted into position too.

I know he was the shortest Beatle, but his head size was about the same as the others (says the man who has just looked at Google images)

I may be wrong, but he just looks too small in the 1964 version.

I puzzled for ages over why George seems to be looking in a different direction in the 2004 version, but it seems to be the catch lights in the eyes.

Trains schmains. You should check out Dominis's pics of Steve McQueen and his wife Neile Adams in a bathtub. Now THAT's a photo that brings noses to picture-frames. http://www.photographersgallery.com/photo.asp?id=3519

Yes, Art does have the 'lakescapes' online. They can be found here here: http://gallery.me.com/elkon#100476 and main gallery can be found here: http://gallery.me.com/elkon

I'm of an age where there's not much I look at and say "If I had the money, I'd have that." Mostly it's better to want something than to actually have it, I've found.

Usually it's some type of automobile (which explains the C5 Corvette that was in the garage for awhile; I didn't have money, but it turns out I did have the credit line).

But Ms. Bourke-White is my all time favorite photographer and if I had the money that print would be on the wall, along with a number of her other works.

I have no idea why her work hits me where I live, and it's probably better that I don't know - but man, she just rocked.

Just my 2 cents.

Which leaves me $41,999.98 short.

Thanks Art,

Those have a nice human quality to them. If you know what I mean...

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