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Friday, 09 October 2009


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There is a bug that comes with Lightroom in 64-bit mode in Snow Leopard. Asking Lightroom to pass a file to Photoshop CS4 for editing launches Photoshop, but does not send the file. I've been advised by Adobe to switch Lightroom back to 32-bit mode if I want to edit Lightroom files in Photoshop.

The performance gains of Snow Leopard are diminished for me as the retouching tool in Aperture (I use version 2.1.4) no longer works for black and white image files!

Wonder why Lloyd didn't test either app when doing heavy lifting such as performing an edit or updating jpeg previews.

@dave there was a similar bug in lightroom 2.4 you could work round it by manually adding the photoshop executable as an external editing program. So on a PC I'd have 2 options one for Photoshop CS3 (the automatic one) and for photoshop.exe. Using photoshop.exe worked round the bug. Hope that helps!

Hi All,

I'd heard there was a problem with Snow Leopard and Epson printers. I lost nearly a week (not being able to print) once before when upgrading, so have been holding off until the problem was sorted out. I have an R2400. Does anyone know anymore about this?

Dave - are you using Spaces? I've found that doing so can sometimes mask a newly opened window - jumping between programs a second time (as by using control-tab) can sometimes make it appear.

Thanks for the comments. (No, I am not using Spaces.) Although Adobe acknowledged the bug, setting up CS4 as an external editor, as suggested by edhombe, does work in transferring the file.

Plus, now that I've followed edhombe's suggestion, I find that the original Lightroom command to edit in CS4 works correctly, i.e., the proper file is opened in CS4 from the 64-bit version of Lightroom. Go figure!

At any rate, all is now well in the 64-bit world of Snow Leopard.

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