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Tuesday, 27 October 2009


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Such nice photos indeed :) Makes me wish I had such nice nature around my home. :)

Gosh I'm surprised that only one comment has been made about this series made with the new 7D.

Bird photos aren't usually assigned recognition as fine art but never the less I thought these photos demonstrate the capabilities of the camera very well, not to mention Conrad's skill.

Hey Don Bryant,

I totally agree with you! That was the reason I replied, I usually just read. But I love this kind of photography, and devoured the whole thread that is linked to above. Indeed, Conrad is on fire! A display of the photographer's skill, and the camera's capabilities. You are completely right. It even inspired me to read reviews on affordable/cheap telelenses and to start saving the coming year for a 7D with tele. The 450D and 55-250mm IS are lot's of fun for birding, but it is nice to fantasize :)

I agree with you guys. Completely surprised that no one commented. Very nice work, especially considering it was all shot on a single day, as opposed to pulling highlights out of his portfolio.


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