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Tuesday, 06 October 2009


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and it will be 9:45 in Kathmandu and 11:30 in Caracas

What time will it be on Mars?

Or, to really belabor the point, check out your time here: World Clock. Turns out, Hugh wasn't joking about Kathmandu and Caracas.

12:30 in Newfoundland.

It will be 1:30 pm in Newfoundland, really.

>>but it has sold beyond expectations<<

Hope that your commission pays for 'On City Streets'. :)

And we have a partial score in the Viking Packers game 12

I miss George.

What Vikings and Packers game?

Hey, even over here in the UK that is/was a big game!

Me joke about time zones? Never! They are crazy enough to start with.

Once when I was working at cisco, I got called for jury duty. During voir dire the DA's side asked me what a software engineer does. I said that as an example I had led a group of 5 engineers , 3 with doctorates, for the last 2 weeks arguing about what time it was. (determining the time of day for users in a world wide network is not as simple as you might imagine, for an example every day lasts for 50 hours).

Didn't get picked.

"I'm happy to report that the sale was a smashing success!"

If yadda asted me, I cudda toldja.

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